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Choose the best Dutch AI copywriting tool 2023

Sjoerd de Kreij
January 8, 2022
5 minutes

Best Dutch-language text assistant and automation

We see a trend of more and more content being automated, but which often does not yet meet our standards. This is because all tools still work in English. Instead we trained our AI to work with Dutch content. Find out how that works.

Our artificial intelligence content assistant is the best in the Dutch market

The models from Typetone AI (previously Schrijven.AI) currently write best in Dutch. in fact, our tool writes in a way that search engines (Google, Bing) understand and attract users, but also does not make the mistakes that standard English-language tools make. It knows exactly which words and phrases to include in a text to ensure that it ranks high in search engines. Moreover, he writes in a clear and accessible way, making it easy for readers to understand and remember the information.

What sets us apart from other AI assistants and help tools is that we also take Dutch language users into account. So our AI text writer knows exactly how to write to appeal to Dutch speakers - in their very own writing style. Our AI is trained on Dutch content and thus knows exactly how to use the language. This makes our AI assistant unique and the best of its kind. That's also why over 15.000+ Dutch businesses currently use Typetone for AI content.

The best AI copywriting tool in the Netherlands are Typetone and Schrijven AI
AI generated image about the best AI tool for content in the Netherlands

The best online writing tool in the Netherlands

We are currently the largest provider of AI content assistants in the Netherlands. We have already helped many companies but especially many freelancers improve their online presence or write texts. Our AI assistant is not only the best in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium (Flemish). This is because we continuously train and improve our AI writing assistant. This way, we ensure that our AI assistant gets better and better at writing SEO texts.

Unique Dutch content templates for AI copywriting

Typetone currently offers over 40 unique Dutch AI content writing templates to spark your creativity and streamline your writing process. Let's explore the features of these templates in more detail:

1. Brainstorming: A template that helps you generate creative ideas and organize your thoughts effectively.

2. Structure: Provides a framework to ensure your content flows smoothly and engages the readers from start to finish.

3. Introduction: Craft an attention-grabbing opening paragraph that hooks your audience right from the beginning.

4. Titles and headlines: Generate catchy titles and headlines that entice readers to click through and read your content.

5. Short article: Perfect for concise pieces packed with valuable information or quick updates.

6. Medium-length article: Allows you to dive deeper into a topic without overwhelming readers, striking the right balance between brevity and depth.

7. Full article: Comprehensive template ideal for long-form articles that cover complex subjects in detail.

8. Blog post: Tailored specifically for blog-style content, keeping readers engaged while conveying your message effectively.

9. Essay: Craft persuasive opinion pieces that articulate your views while respecting different perspectives.

10. Counterarguments: Helps you anticipate opposing viewpoints and effectively address them within your content.

11. Interview questions: A structured format for conducting interviews, ensuring clarity and covering all relevant aspects.

12. Interview: Organize interview responses cohesively, making it easier for readers to follow along with the conversation flow.

13. SEO keywords: Optimize your content by seamlessly incorporating relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility.

14. SEO text: A template that guides you in creating SEO-friendly content without compromising on quality or readability.

15. FAQ: Simplify complex information by addressing frequently asked questions in a clear and concise manner.

16. Tutorial: Step-by-step instructions for guiding readers through a process or teaching them a new skill.

17. Translation: Facilitate the translation of your content into Dutch (or from Dutch into any other language), ensuring accuracy and maintaining the intended meaning.

18. Paraphrasing/rewriting: Revamp existing content while retaining its essence, making it fresh and unique.

19. Summarization (TLDR): Condense lengthy content into easily digestible summaries, catering to time-conscious readers.

20. Simplification: Break down complex concepts into simpler terms, making them more accessible to a wider audience.

21. Language enhancement: Polish your writing by refining grammar, style, and overall language usage for maximum impact.

22. B1-level rewriting: Tailor your content to reach a broader audience by adapting it to B1 language proficiency level standards.

23. Product descriptions: Craft compelling descriptions that highlight the benefits of your products and captivate potential customers.

24. Google ads copywriting: Generate persuasive copy for Google Ads campaigns that effectively drive traffic and conversions.

25. Facebook ad copywriting: Create engaging ad copy specifically designed for Facebook advertising campaigns to maximize reach and engagement.

26. Video script writing: Develop scripts that effectively communicate your message through video content across various platforms.

27. Slogan creation: Craft memorable slogans that encapsulate your brand identity and resonate with your target audience.

28. Instagram post captions: Enhance your Instagram posts with captivating captions that capture attention and encourage interaction.

29. LinkedIn post content: Optimize your LinkedIn presence with insightful LinkedIn posts that showcase your professional expertise effectively.

30. Facebook post content: Engage your Facebook audience with compelling Facebook posts that encourage likes, comments, and shares.

31. Twitter post content: Craft concise and impactful tweets that make an impression within the character limit.

32. TikTok post content: Create fun and engaging content tailored for TikTok's unique format, encouraging viral sharing.

33. Customer service responses: Deliver exceptional customer service by providing clear, concise, and helpful replies to inquiries or concerns.

34. Sales email templates: Generate persuasive email templates that drive sales conversions effectively.

35. Transactional email templates: Customize transactional emails to provide a seamless and professional user experience.

36. Persuasive email writing: Craft convincing emails that motivate recipients to take action or change their perspective.

37. Newsletter creation: Develop engaging newsletters that keep subscribers informed, entertained, and eager for more.

38. CRM texts: Tailor your customer relationship management (CRM) communications with personalized and effective messaging.

39. Email campaigns: Create captivating email campaigns that achieve high open rates and engagement with your target audience.

40. Positive reframing: Master the art of turning negative situations into positive ones through thoughtful reframing techniques.

41. Comparisons: Compare products, services, or ideas in an informative and objective manner to help readers make informed decisions.

42. Children's stories: Spark imagination with creative stories designed specifically for young readers' enjoyment and learning.

43. Intriguing narratives: Craft captivating stories that transport readers into imaginative worlds while delivering a powerful message.

44. Listicles: Engage readers with easy-to-read list formats packed with valuable information or entertaining content.

45. Policy recommendations: Present well-researched policy proposals in a structured manner to influence public opinion or decision-makers positively.

46. Job vacancy descriptions: Attract top talent by creating enticing job vacancy descriptions that accurately reflect the position and company culture.

Best Dutch AI writing assistant - Typetone AI with Dutch AI content templates
Screenshot of all the Dutch AI content templates from Typetone AI

Get better content with the best Dutch AI writing tool now

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