ChatGPT versus Typetone

A comparison between two AI content tools

Artificial Intelligence has reshaped the world of digital content creation.
ChatGPT has been a popular choice for AI content creation. But Typetone, the AI-powered content tool specifically designed for business automation, offers unparalleled advantages.

Explore the main differences between Typetone and ChatGPT below and find out why Typetone is the ideal choice for businesses looking to automate content.

by OpenAI
Words: unlimited
Manual prompting
Privacy and GPDR proof
One text at a time
Custom tone of voice (brandvoice)
Chrome extension & integrations
Company information
Chat support
Output history
Access to training & resources
Typetone AI
Words: unlimited
Tested high quality prompts (templates)
Privacy and GPDR proof
Bulk: 100+ texts at the same time
Custom tone of voice (brandvoice)
Chrome extension & integrations
Company information
Chat support
Output history
Access to training & resources
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What are the differences between ChatGPT and Typetone?

Most important differences

Typetone is made for content creation for businesses, ChatGPT is a chat application
Purpose-Built for Content:
Typetone was specifically designed with content automation in mind, ensuring effective and efficient content generation. ChatGPT, while a capable text-generation tool, was not purpose-built for content, potentially limiting its ability to meet the unique requirements of content creation.
Privacy and GDPR Proof
Typetone offers complete privacy and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that your data remains secure and confidential. ChatGPT may not guarantee the same level of data protection that businesses need in today’s digital environment.
No More Prompts
Typetone eliminates the need for prompts, streamlining the content creation process. Typetone carefully selected and continuously tests the best prompts per usecase, making prompting obsolete and guaranteeing the best quality output. ChatGPT users may still need to rely on prompts when utilizing the tool, making the process less streamlined and efficient, and often with lower quality output because of suboptimal prompting.
High-Quality Content with Custom Tone of Voice/ Brand Voice
Want your content aligned with your brand voice? Typetone generates high-quality content that can be customized to match your specific tone of voice or brand identity. With ChatGPT, achieving consistent brand voice across your content may require plugins with generic tone of voice like 'formality', instead of personalizing to your brandvoice.
Chrome Extension Integration
Typetone is fully integrated with a Chrome extension, which allows users to create and manage content seamlessly across platforms. This integration is not available with ChatGPT, potentially hindering efficient content management.

Good to know

Over 200 companies trust Typetone
With over 200 satisfied paying customers, Typetone is trusted by several big logos in the industry. While we cannot publicly disclose specific client names without prior consent, rest assured that Typetone has established successful relationships with reputable companies across various sectors.
Ethical AI promise: What is the Dutch AI alliance, and how is Typetone associated with it?
The Dutch AI alliance, or Nederlandse AI Coalitie, is a collaborative platform that unites various public, private, and non-profit organizations to create a robust AI ecosystem in the Netherlands. As a member of the alliance, Typetone plays an active role in the development and policy-making process, ensuring that AI thrives and benefits Dutch society while maintaining ethical standards.

Typetone is committed to maintaining ethical AI practices in its development and deployment. This commitment includes ensuring data privacy, preventing bias, and promoting transparency in algorithms. Keeping users' best interests in mind, Typetone focuses on creating AI-driven content that respects user values, secures data, and prioritizes fairness.
How does Typetone's partnership with Microsoft benefit users?
Typetone's partnership with Microsoft showcases the company's dedication to integrating advanced technologies and offering the best possible solutions for users. This collaboration enables Typetone to harness Microsoft's expertise, resources, and cutting-edge AI technologies to enhance its platform further and elevate the user experience.

By partnering with Microsoft, Typetone ensures that its users can access state-of-the-art technology to streamline and improve their content generation experience for both freelancers and enterprises.

Why choose Typetone?

Why should I choose Typetone over ChatGPT for my content automation needs?
Typetone is specifically designed for content automation, providing higher quality content with custom tone of voice/brand voice options. It also guarantees privacy, compliance with GDPR, and Chrome extension integration, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to automate content generation.
How does Typetone ensure GDPR compliance?
Typetone is designed with data privacy and security as a priority. By adhering to GDPR standards and implementing best practices, Typetone ensures your sensitive data remains confidential and well-protected, making tone of voice and your company infobase completely siloed and on EU servers.
How can Typetone deliver customized tone/brand voice in content generation?
By integrating with a Chrome extension, Typetone allows users to efficiently manage content, streamline creation, and automate content generation across platforms—all from within their browser. This seamless integration enhances user experience, providing a more efficient solution for content management.

Before and after

Compare ChatGPT to Typetone's output quality

Compare content creation by ChatGPT and Typetone AI  - How you can add your own tone of voice to AI content by Typetone

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