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"I use Typetone every day to meet the content needs of my clients. It's become much easier to create great content with Typetone.AI."
Astri Verdi  -  Copywriter and artist
"This app completely changed the way I work. I never get stuck anymore. It's so easy to create ads and test copy. Plus, I love the 'increase conversion' option."
Bruno Franz -  Marketeer and influencer
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4 million
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Questions? We have answers.

Getting started with the tool

How does the Typetone AI app work / Where do I start?
1. Create an account and write completely free, forever! If you want more features and unlimited words, the Chrome extension, Tone of Voice, Typetone Chat and way more, upgrade easily to Pro.
2. Log in to the app and choose a template, such as "Article Writing".
3. Fill in the required fields and click "Generate." The more context, the better the output.
4. Now wait 3-10 seconds and done: You now have multiple articles to choose from.

Have questions about how the app works? Ask your question to our live chat or send an email and we will help you further.
How long can I try it for free?
Forever! Every month you get 10.000 words for free. Do you like our app or want to go unlimited words? Then sign up for a subscription so you can write extremely more efficiently for just a few Euro's a month!

Above all, let us know what we can improve and maybe we can do something for you!
How exactly does this AI work and how can it write texts so well?
Our AI is trained on 30% of all text on the Internet! That means it's incredibly good at assessing context. Especially when you're using our proven content templates with ready-made prompts to get the best output.

Based on the information you give our app, it can then predict what kind of content you're looking for.
What paid subscription would you recommend to me?
The most frequently chosen option is our Pro Package. With this you write unlimited words per month, and get access to features such as our Chrome extension to use the app within Gmail, Instagram, Google docs and much more. With a monthly subscription, you can write content much faster than you're used to for as little as 29 euros.

If you pay annually, you get a 25% discount on your monthly fee, at 29 euros per month on a Pro subscription. This makes us a lot cheaper than other AI text assistants for unlimited words.
What about plagiarism?
The beauty of our AI text generator is: the output is 99.8% unique. So you don't have to worry about plagiarism. If any output does come out that looks like plagiarism, choose other output and have it rewritten with our "rewrite" template.
Do you have languages other than English and Dutch?
You can generate AI copy in 15 different languages with Typetone AI.
How can I cancel my subscription?
At the top right of the app, you can go to your profile. From there, click on "Billing" and then you can cancel your subscription. If you wish to stop, please let us know the reason! By doing so, you will help us improve the app :)
Can I collaborate with others?
For now, you can share your own output with others but not yet collaborate in a file at the same time. However, you can request that feature from us!
What is the difference between Typetone AI and other AI text tools?
Customers choose Typetone AI because we already tested and implemented the best prompts in our tool, so your always get the best output. Moreover: we offer custom brand identity and tone of voice to personalize your writing style.

In addition, we are cheaper and more user-friendly than most tools and, for example, much easier to work with than ChatGPT and Jasper AI. If you still have doubts, please send us a message and we might be able to help you!
I am getting strange output from one of the templates, what should I do?
It could be that our AI does not yet have a good understanding of exactly what you want to see in the output. Try to provide more context.


New versions of the tool
We develop quickly to the needs of our customers. Sometimes, due to an update, functionalities may no longer work properly. Please contact us.
Changes in pricing
Do you feel that things are not right in your account? Get in touch and we'll try to help you the best we can!

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