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WHY Typetone AI for enterprise

Better content at
the lowest cost.

We understand the importance of cost-efficiency in running a business. That's why Typetone AI offers the most affordable and safe enterprise AI solution that doesn't compromise on quality.
The result?
Increased productivity: With Typetone's bulk actions and ready-to-publish AI content, you can create up to 100 texts a day.
Higher-quality content: With AI content generated directly in your brand voice, you can guarantee the quality is high.
Saved costs: Cut back on expensive resources.
Faster cycles: Quickly test what works and what doesn't with faster cycles.
Improved brand consistency: Always stay on brand. In 15 languages.
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Benefits of AI enterprise
Drive results with on-brand content

AI content in your tone of voice.

Previous companies have reported an increase of up to 30% in conversions due to their new on-brand AI content. Here's why:
Consistent tone of voice: We train our AI to know your brand voice. So your style doesn't depend on individual copywriters.
Higher brand loyalty and more conversions:
Consistently delivering great content in your tone of voice leads to brand loyalty and an increase in conversions. But Typetone offers more than that...

Also use our increase engagement and conversions templates to drive better results based on best practices.
More productive and creative employees: Writer's block becomes a thing of the past. Now your employees can focus on those true magic touches to make your content come to life.
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FAQs about Enterprise AI

Is it safe to use Typetone AI?

Yes. Typetone AI is 100% GDPR compliant and always keeps your business data safe. Anything you upload and share with us, will be stored securely and not be shared with third parties.

What type of features and content templates are there?

To discover all 50+ content templates, our brand voice feature, Typetone Chat and bulk actions, sign up for your account or schedule a demo to get more insight into our APIs and info base too.

Our 7 most popular content templates for Enterprise are:

1. Long-form articles
2. Google Ads
3. Instagram posts
4. Email campaigns of 7 emails
5. Newsletter
6. Visual ideas
7. SEO texts, metadata and keyword research

What problems will AI content solve at an enterprise level?

Your current content creation process is most likely time-consuming and resource-intensive, leading to bottlenecks in delivering timely content to meet market demands. This inefficiency hampers your ability to scale content production while maintaining high standards.

Implementing generative AI technology offers an innovative solution to address these challenges. By automating parts of the content creation process using advanced natural language processing algorithms, you can streamline workflows, reduce manual effort, and accelerate content production without compromising quality.

This leads to time saving, increased productivity, enhanced customer engagement, a competitive advantage and cost saving.

Isn't it better to build our own in-house generative AI solution?

Based on the costs and implementation time of building your own AI solution (starting around €160.000,- annually with a result in about a year) versus purchasing a ready-made generative AI solution like Typetone, the latter solution is a much better option for your company.

The upfront investment is significantly lower, and ongoing costs are also reduced compared to building in-house. Additionally, buying provides quicker implementation and requires less expertise.

Implementing generative AI for your content will enable you to achieve substantial cost savings, increase productivity, enhance customer engagement, and gain that competitive advantage.

The urgency to adopt this technology is evident given market dynamics and potential cost savings. Buying a generative AI solution is the recommended approach due to its lower costs and faster implementation timeline.

How do bulk actions work?

In our Betà features you find bulk actions. Here you can download an excel form in which you fill in what type of text you'd like to generate.

For example, if you want to write several product texts in one go, you can add your products to the different rows in the excel sheet. Next up, you upload that excel form to our app, choose your preferred tone of voice and generate up to 100 texts in one go.

This saves you the time of creating product copy one by one!

What API integrations are possible with Typetone AI?

You can automate your workflow by connecting Typetone AI with any system you're already working with: CMS, ATS, CRM, etc.

You name it, we make it possible. Just schedule a call and we can discuss all possibilities to make content creation a lot easier.


What others think about Typetone

Lara Morgan career coachLuca Nunzio Caira Guitar builderLou Benders content marketeer
"I can't believe how accurately Typetone captures my writing style. It saves me so much time and effort, allowing me to focus on growing my business."
Lara Morgan - Business and Career Coach
"I was skeptical at first, but has completely transformed my content creation process. It feels like having a personal writing assistant by my side!"
Luca Caira  -  Co-Founder of Contentcation
"Instead of 2 blogs per week, I now create at least 2 blogs per day. And with the Tone of Voice tool - I don't have to edit much either. This is a real game changer."
Lou -  Senior content marketeer, Insify

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