We help companies hire digital workers instantly.

Typetone's team consists of entrepreneurs, innovators and passioned designers. Together we try to solve labor shortages, by making teams more efficient or even expand their teams

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We like fast progress.

We started out as a general AI content tool to make content marketing more efficient but soon we realized there is a bigger pain to solve.

Companies want to grow their business with less resources. What they’re struggling with is – they want to grow, but don’t have time to do marketing themselves - and hiring people is really difficult right now.

So what we do is make it really easy to hire a digital marketeer – and the coolest thing, it only takes 20 minutes for the new worker to get started – and costs less than an intern.

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Our team

We're a rapidly growing team of AI enthusiasts.

Sjoerd de Kreij avatar
Sjoerd de Kreij
CEO / Co-founder

Former: Coolblue, DPG Media, Bynder

Sam Baud avatar
Sam Baud
CTO / Co-founder

Former: DynaSource, DPG Media

Lou Benders avatar
Lou Benders
Chief Content Officer

Former: Scribbr, Effectory, Insify

Jeroen Meij avatar
Jeroen Meij
Head of Engineering

Former: Bunq, BitPanda

Trilok Sonar avatar
Trilok Sonar
Content Marketeer

Former: Wincon, ANM news

Alexandru Codreanu avatar
Alexandru Codreanu
Front-end Engineer

Former: Global Database


The future of work is here

Speed of innovation

We hate standing still and the status quo. True innovation happens with bold leaps, from zero to one, and speed is of the essence.


We believe there exists a different way: Dare to be different. Be naughty.


Building an open and honest work culture that fosters trust, cooperation among teams, and commitment to our customers.

Content over form

What you say and what you do, is more important than how you say it. No politics, focus on the common goal, and with good arguments. 

Ethics and AI

As concerns arise around AI in education, we at Typetone.AI believe we have an obligation to educate our clients on responsible AI use.

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Giving small businesses a fighting chance

Companies don't need to spend thousands on an agency to compete with the big guys.

It's easy: Hire an AI Digital Worker: With our AI employees, all companies can afford to scale their teams.

Top quality, instantly available: We make it easy and instant: Don't wait for a quote, onboard and hire now!

Sustainable and secure AI usage

As a participant of the Dutch AI Coalition, we advocate for responsible AI use. Typetone.AI stands for the safe application of AI and accessibility of its models and content at scale.

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