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Safe AI content for governments

Accelerate content creation, communication and understanding with our GDPR-compliant AI content platform that writes in your tone of voice.

Our AI content tool ensures that all data is handled and protected in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Discover 50+ content templates, bulk actions and APIs now.

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WHY Typetone AI for Governments

Scale content creation and understanding.

Typetone AI recognizes the significance of cost-efficiency in running public institutions without compromising on the quality of internal and external content and communication.

Our GDPR compliant government AI solution is tailored specifically for governments. Here's how we can help you:
Increased productivity: With Typetone's bulk actions and ready-to-publish AI content, you can double your output of clear copy.
Higher-quality content: With AI content generated directly in your brand voice, the quality of your output will consistently be higher.
Saved costs: Working with AI will help you cut back on expensive resources.
Improved brand consistency: Always communicate clearly and concisely to make your content more accessible. In 15 languages.
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Benefits of AI enterprise
Special Government features

Make government communication clearer.

Our special AI templates that simplify and summarize difficult texts can play a crucial role in making government communication more clear, understandable, and accessible to citizens, fostering transparency, inclusion, compliance, and engagement.
Increase engagement and compliance: Governments often communicate laws, regulations, and procedures that citizens need to follow. Clarity in communication increases engagement and helps citizens understand their rights, obligations, and how to comply with legal requirements, reducing confusion and potential non-compliance.
Promote inclusion: Governments serve diverse populations with varying levels of education and language proficiency. By communicating in a clear and understandable way, governments can reach a wider audience, including those with limited literacy or language skills, ensuring that everyone has access to important information and can participate in civic life.
Improve transparency: Clear communication helps ensure transparency in government actions, policies, and decisions. When information is presented in a straightforward manner, citizens can better understand and evaluate the government's actions, leading to increased trust and accountability.
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Clarify government communication with AI

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FAQs about AI content for governments

Is it safe to use Typetone AI?

Yes. Typetone AI is 100% GDPR compliant and always keeps your data classified and secure.

What type of government features and content templates are there?

To discover all 50+ content templates, add your own tone of voice, and leverage Typetone Chat and bulk actions, sign up for your account or schedule a demo. We're also looking forward to provide you with more information about our APIs and info base.

Our 8 most used content templates for government departments are:

1. Long articles
2. Transactional emails
3. Simplify text or rewrite on B1-level
4. TL;DR summary
5. Tutorial
6. Short articles
7. Positive reframing
8. Presentation

What problems will AI content solve for your government department?

Your content creation process is probably still time-consuming and resource-intensive, leading to bottlenecks in delivering timely content to meet demands. This makes it difficult to scale content production while maintaining high standards in clear communication.

Implementing generative AI helps teams address these challenges. By automating parts of your content creation process, you can streamline workflows, reduce manual effort, and accelerate content production.

This leads to time and cost saving, increased productivity, and enhanced engagement.

Isn't it better to build our own in-house generative AI solution?

According to the costs and implementation time involved in developing an AI solution from scratch, which can cost approximately €160,000 per year and take about a year to complete, it is more advisable for your government department to purchase a pre-built generative AI solution like Typetone.

This option has a significantly lower initial investment and ongoing expenses compared to building an in-house solution. Moreover, purchasing a ready-made solution allows for quicker implementation and requires less expertise. By implementing generative AI for your content, you can achieve considerable cost savings, increase productivity, improve customer engagement, and gain a competitive advantage.

Given the dynamics of the market and the potential for cost reduction, there is an evident urgency to adopt this technology. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a generative AI solution due to its lower costs and faster implementation timeline.

What API integrations are possible with Typetone AI?

Typetone AI allows you to streamline your workflow by integrating with any existing system you use, such as CMS, ATS, CRM, and more.

We can tailor our technology to suit your needs - simply book a call with us to explore the various options available for simplifying content creation.


What others think about Typetone

Lara Morgan career coachLuca Nunzio Caira Guitar builderLou Benders content marketeer
"I can't believe how accurately Typetone captures my writing style. It saves me so much time and effort, allowing me to focus on growing my business."
Lara Morgan - Business and Career Coach
"I was skeptical at first, but has completely transformed my content creation process. It feels like having a personal writing assistant by my side!"
Luca Caira  -  Co-Founder of Contentcation
"Instead of 2 blogs per week, I now create at least 2 blogs per day. And with the Tone of Voice tool - I don't have to edit much either. This is a real game changer."
Lou -  Senior content marketeer, Insify

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