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Content creation

Create better content 10 times faster than before with 50+ tested content templates.

Custom tone of voice

Add your brand voice and directly generate content in your very own writing style.

Data protection

Don't worry about your data. Typetone is 100% GDPR compliant and keeps your data safe.

Bulk actions

Try out our special enterprise AI features like bulk actions to create top content in bulk.

Typetone Chat

Ask our chat anything. It works exactly like ChatGPT. Yet, with us, your data is secure.

Unique APIs

Connect APIs to your system to integrate Typetone with all your tools, so that they work together flawlessly.

Add new brand voice to AI tool
Tone of voice

Write in your brand voice.

Add one or more tones of voice to generate on-brand AI content with a click on a button.
Always consistent and on brand: Power up your internal and external communication with consistent messaging and tone of voice.
Error-free writing: Typetone AI mimics your style and writes grammatically flawless text. All your content will be on brand and without any mistakes.
Plagiarism free: Our algorithms are designed to create fresh content at all times. No need to worry about plagiarism.
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Enterprise solutions

Scale your content production.

Get in touch to schedule a demo about our custom enterprise solutions.
Add unlimited customized tones of voice
Get unique API access
Generate text in bulk
Use AI privacy & GDPR proof
Get unlimited access to Typetone Chat
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Company-wide AI content generation

Take your writing to the next level.

Let Typetone do the heavy-lifting so you can get back to focusing on the creative part of your work.
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Automated AI templates: 
No prompting needed

Have texts written automatically, with our carefully tested prompts.
teksten die converteren

Texts that engage, persuade and convert

Generate content that helps you achieve your goals.
unlimited words

Unlimited creation: unlimited words

Our subscription offers an unlimited nr. of words for creation.

Use the best tools in the market (bèta)

Integrate Typetone AI into your content workflow by connecting us to your tooling and CMS.
Collaborate with colleagues and others in the same text at the same time.
Plagiarism-free content: You own 100% of the copy rights of all AI content you create.
10x sneller
10x faster content creation - ready-to-publish content in one click.
api schrijven ai
API integration for Typetone AI into all your systems.
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easy to use

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Output data is safe
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Save money on content
External tools and integrations
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Increase your production speed
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Frequently asked questions

Is my data safe with Typetone AI?

What makes Typetone AI most unique is how we store your data. Fully GDPR compliant, we can guarantee you that your data is safe with us.

That's also why big Dutch companies like HEMA and DPG Media choose to generate their AI content via our platform.

Can I collaborate with others in Typetone?

You can share your own output with others at any time. If you want to know more about this possibility, get in touch for a demo about our enterprise solutions.

Does Typetone offer a chat function like ChatGPT?

Yes! When you have a Pro Package or Enterprise subscription you can use Typetone Chat without any limitations. Typetone Chat will answer all your questions and help you further perfect your content.

How is Typetone AI different from other generative AI tools?

Customers choose Typetone AI because we offer the most inclusive, data-secure and plagiarism-free tool on the market.

We already tested and implemented the best prompts in our tool, so you always get the best output. We also offer AI generative content in your custom brand identity and tone of voice to personalize your output.

Last, we are cheaper and more user-friendly than most tools and, for example, a lot nicer to work with than ChatGPT.

Which subscription works for my business?

The most frequently chosen option is our Pro Package. This subscription allows you to write unlimited words per month. You also get access to Typetone Chat and our Chrome extension to use the app within Gmail, Instagram, Google docs and much more.

With a monthly subscription, you can write content much faster than you're used to for as little as 29 euros. If you pay annually, you get a 15.8% discount on your monthly fee, a 26 euros per month on a Pro subscription. This makes us a lot cheaper than other AI text assistants.

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