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14 Facebook Ad Examples That Will Boost Your Campaign

Trilok Sonar
August 18, 2023
9 minutes

Why are Facebook ads important?

With billions of active users, Facebook stands out as one of the most influential and effective platforms for reaching a wide audience. Its sophisticated advertising tools makes Facebook one of the best platforms to promote products and services effectively.

Facebook ads have become increasingly important in digital marketing due to their ability to target specific demographics and interests. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, such as billboards or television commercials, Facebook ads can be tailored to reach a highly targeted audience. 

This means that businesses can ensure their message is being delivered to individuals who are more likely to be interested in their offerings.

Facebook ads examples based on different types of ads

There are several types of Facebook ads available, each designed to serve a specific purpose.

Facebook image ads

These are the most common types of Facebook ad. They consist of a compelling image accompanied by a brief text description and a link.

Facebook ads example 1: Sony’s image ad on Facebook with a compelling image and short description 

Sony Electronics Facebook ad example

Facebook video ads

Video ads allow businesses to engage with their audience through dynamic visuals and audio. They can be particularly effective in capturing attention and conveying complex messages.

They're often also cheaper. That's why many social media managers simply add moving components to Facebook ads with easy tools like Canva or Veed to avoid high costs. 

Facebook ads example 2: Playstation’s new Spider-man video ad 

Sony Playstation Facebook ad example

Facebook carousel ads 

Carousel ads enable businesses to showcase multiple images or videos within a single ad unit. Users can swipe through the carousel to view different offerings or stories from the business.

One of the benefits of these ads is that they show on users' feeds multiple times, automatically scrolling to the next slide. This increases engagement and the likelihood of a click. 

Facebook ads example 3: Shopify’s simple carousel ad example that delivers the message.

Shopify Facebook ad example

Use Typetone AI to create carousel posts

Looks simple and effective right? You can make this in a matter of minutes using AI tools like Typetone AI. The carousel template works wonders and can generate some cool ideas for your ad content. 

Facebook slideshow ads

Slideshow ads are an interactive way for businesses to tell their story using a combination of images, text, and sound effects. They are particularly useful for creating engaging content on mobile devices with slower internet connections.

Facebook ads example 4: slideshow by 9GAG

9GAG Facebook ad example

Facebook lead generation ads

These ads aim at collecting information from potential customers, such as email addresses or phone numbers, through a simple form directly within the ad. 

Facebook ads example 5:  lead generation ad with an email signup

Lead generation Facebook ad example

Boost lead generation with AI templates for newsletters

You can make these cool email newsletters and marketing emails using AI.

Typetone AI email newsletter template

With tools like Typetone AI, this can be created without much effort. Typetone AI’s email newsletter and marketing emails can generate any sort of content you need for lead generation. 

Facebook review ads

Review ads have become an essential part of modern advertising strategies. These ads are designed to showcase positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers, with the aim of building trust and credibility among potential buyers. 

By highlighting the experiences of previous customers, review ads offer social proof and help influence purchasing decisions.

Facebook ads example 6: TWHQ’s review ad 

TWHQ Facebook ad example

The testimonials in this ad makes it clear that the people are quite satisfied with TWHQ’s fitness program. 

Facebook ads example 7: Reviews about Classic Design Woodworks

Classic design woodworks Facebook ad example

The caption in the ad and its testimonial with a five star review shows the brand delivers excellent products and services and leaves the customers satisfied. 

Facebook value-based ads

Consumers are obviously bombarded with numerous ads every day, it is crucial for brands to stand out and provide value to their audience. This is where value-based ads come into play. Unlike traditional ads that focus solely on promoting products or services, value-based ads aim to offer meaningful content that resonates with the target audience.

The objective of value-based ads is to build trust, establish brand loyalty, and drive customer engagement. By providing valuable information or entertainment, brands can create a positive association in the minds of consumers, leading to increased brand awareness and ultimately driving sales.

A favorite example of mine is Dove’s ad campaign about cruelty free products. Dove specializes in value-based ads and is known for their meaningful content that it delivers to its viewers. This is a classic example of such an ad. It does not show any products but just talks about saving animals. 

This way it also sticks to its tone of voice which is compassionate and empowering.

Facebook ads example 8: Dove’s value-based ad about cruelty-free products

Dove Facebook ad example

Facebook influencer ads

With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, influencers have emerged as key players in promoting products and services to a highly engaged audience. So, what exactly are influencer ads and why are they so important on Facebook?

Influencer ads can be defined as sponsored content created by individuals who have established a large following on social media. These influencers leverage their credibility and trust with their audience to promote products or services. 

On Facebook, this type of advertising has proven to be highly effective due to the platform's massive user base and advanced targeting capabilities.

Facebook ads example 9: Cristiano Ronaldo a product by Kickoff by Zuju

Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook ad example

Choose the right strategy using boosted, or static or video ads

When it comes to Facebook ads, there are several options available to businesses. Boosted ads, paid static ads, and paid video ads are three popular formats that offer different advantages and disadvantages.

Boosted ads: What are they?

These are regular posts that you can promote to reach a wider audience. They are simple to create and require minimal effort. Boosted ads work well for increasing brand awareness and engagement with your target audience. 

When you boost a facebook ad, you will be prompted to answer a few questions to optimize the experience. These questions include:

Who is your intended audience? This allows you to select a specific group who may appreciate your content.

What is your budget? Choose the maximum amount you are willing to spend throughout the duration of your campaign.

How long do you want to boost your post? Facebook will divide your maximum budget by the number of days and allocate your investment accordingly.

Facebook ads example 10: Boardroom boosted ad

Boosted ad Facebook ad example

Paid static ads: What are they? 

These are image-based advertisements that appear in users' news feeds or on the right-hand side of the screen. They allow for more creative freedom as you can include eye-catching visuals and compelling copy. Static ads are effective at driving traffic to your website or landing page but may not be as engaging as video ads.

Facebook ads example 11: New York Post paid static ad 

New York Post Facebook ad example

Use Typetone AI to create Facebook ad posts

Typetone AI Facebook ad post template

It's really easy to create the most compelling Facebook ad posts using Typetone AI’s Facebook ad template. Try it out for yourself!

Paid video ads: What are they?

These on the other hand, provide an immersive experience by showcasing your products or services in action. Videos have the power to captivate viewers and convey information effectively. Video ads perform well in terms of engagement and conversion rates but can be time-consuming and costly to produce.

Facebook ads example 12: House of VR paid video ad 

House of VR Facebook ad example

Before you create your Facebook ad, define your goal

Facebook advertising offers businesses a variety of goals to achieve, including generating traffic, generating leads, and ultimately generating conversions. Each goal requires a different strategy and approach to achieve success. 

Facebook ads for generating traffic 

Facebook ads involve creating engaging content that attracts users to click on the ad and visit the business website. Strategies for generating traffic can include creating eye-catching visuals, using compelling copy, and targeting specific audience demographics. 

For example, a clothing retailer could create an ad showcasing their latest collection with a headline that grabs attention and encourages users to click for more information.

Facebook ads for generating leads 

Facebook ads involve capturing user information such as email addresses or phone numbers in exchange for valuable content or offers. This can be done by creating lead generation forms within the ad itself or directing users to a landing page where they can submit their information. 

Facebook ads example 13: Zapier’s compelling ad copy to generate leads

Zapier lead generation Facebook ad example

Use Typetone AI to generate leads

To make content like this, you can always try out Typetone AI’s increase engagement template to create compelling content that not only engages your viewers but also gets them to hit that “sign up” button. 

Facebook ads for generating conversions

Targeted Facebook ad campaigns are crucial. These campaigns involve reaching specific audience segments who are more likely to take action and convert into paying customers. 

Effective methods include using custom audiences based on previous customer data, retargeting website visitors who have shown interest but haven't made a purchase yet, and creating compelling offers or incentives for users to take action immediately.

Facebook ads example 14: The Good Book Company offering exclusive deals to get conversions

The good book company Facebook ad example

Use Typetone AI to increase conversions

You can also use AI tools like Typetone AI to create posts that will increase conversions using the increase conversion template

Use your creativity and craft your own Facebook posts with AI

You have now seen some of the best facebook ad examples so, why not try and create something on your own? For your brand of course! We have AI powered tools, you have creativity. 

Typetone AI Facebook post template

You can generate content for your brand on facebook with the facebook post template and relax while our Typetone AI generates compelling content for you like the one above. And if you don't know what type of visual to use, try out our Visual ideas generator and template for videoscripts.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to Typetone for free and start generating those successful Facebook ads for your business.

Trilok Sonar

Trilok Sonar is our content marketeer and specializes in blogs about AI content.

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