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What is the AI workforce, and what does it mean for my business?

Sjoerd de Kreij
April 10, 2024
4 minutes

There’s a ton of buzz about AI these days, and for good reason: artificial intelligence tools are reframing the way we view the world. In many cases, AI resources are seen as a “shortcut,” a way to get things done quickly, albeit with mixed results. However, there’s a whole branch of the AI revolution that promises huge rewards for businesses: the rise of the AI workforce. Here at Typetone, we’re actively building a marketing-focused AI workforce compliant with EU GDPR law that helps your business grow successfully. 

What exactly is an “AI workforce?”

When we talk about the “AI workforce,” we’re referring to a new opportunity in the world of AI software and work tools. It’s not a single thing, but a collection of softwares, programs, and resources that are changing the way we do work.

Service as a software

You’re probably familiar with generative AI programs like ChatGPT, but the AI workforce is its own entity. It’s a group of AI digital workers and vendors that merges the software and labor markets together. Instead of trying to assist humans in certain jobs, the AI workforce aims to take care of those jobs entirely.

So, rather than offering AI software as a service, digital workforce creators like Typetone offer a service as a software

On the surface, this might sound surreal or anti-worker. But the goal is not to replace human workers or suggest that they’re not valuable. Instead, AI employees enhance the human working experience by removing bottlenecks, barriers and tedious tasks making the overall collaboration between humans and AI much more profitable for the business, and can increase human productivity and engagement.

Everyone wins when a business has the time, resources, and finances to support its human employees. The AI workforce takes some of the burden off your team members so that you can focus on the creative and impactful work that they do best.

Two approaches to AI Digital Workers

As the idea of an AI workforce grows in popularity, two distinct types of tools have begun to emerge. It’s important to differentiate AI digital workers from AI service vendors, like AI law firms or customer service agencies. 

Think of AI employees as interns (only far cheaper) – they add to your team and manage the tasks that your skilled employees don’t have time for. For businesses that need help growing and scaling their work, an AI worker is a great fit. They fit easily into your existing set-up and get started almost immediately.

The future of work: AI employees & co-workers

The global labor shortage that has struck businesses worldwide has left many without the means to grow as they planned. While partially driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the shortage isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

An increased demand for specialized skills (especially tech skills), an aging population, and high expectations from clients or customers leave many businesses behind. There are simply not enough workers to fill vacant positions, and there are even more businesses that may want to hire someone new but just can’t afford it. 

There is no simple solution to this widespread issue, but there are tools that can help. The AI digital workforce is a huge example, as it promises to help businesses achieve their goals without spending beyond their means. Likewise, AI employees can fill empty positions without taking opportunities away in other areas. Since they’re highly skilled and specialize in specific capabilities, they fulfill roles that may otherwise take several human employees to manage. 

Overall, AI automation and the AI workforce promises to help businesses of all sizes get ahead and stay ahead. Now, any business can get access to the tools and work they may need to compete with larger companies and make a name for themselves.

How will the AI workforce impact my business?

Whether you engage with it directly or not, the rise of the AI workforce will almost certainly impact your business. Why? Because companies that don’t utilize AI employees may start to fall behind those that do. Similarly, the prevalence of AI workers will likely change our expectations about work and how to manage it.

If your business is trying to grow, can’t meet current demands, or is feeling the weight of the labor shortage, an AI worker can help. There are probably many tasks and areas of work that your team manages that could be simplified with the help of an AI co-worker. Data analytics, content creation, social media management, and more can all be automated within just a few minutes. Imagine the power of a capable worker right at your fingertips – with an AI worker from Typetone, this isn’t just a hypothetical, but a real possibility. 

Typetone’s AI workforce leads by example

Typetone has helped lead the emerging AI workforce with cutting-edge tools like Sarah, our AI marketing specialist who can deeply understand your brand voice and strategic goals. Bring Sarah and other AI workers to your team to free up your human employees and ensure that you can grow without a hitch. Or, try our GDPR-compliant chatbot tool, which helps you complete simple tasks seamlessly.

We’ve designed our AI features and workers to be comprehensive and cognitively advanced. By combining generative AI with language learning models, robotic automation tools, and other technologies, we’ve created a system that truly works for you. Ready to see the impact of the AI workforce yourself? Schedule a demo today to witness Sarah and our other AI tools in action.

Sjoerd de Kreij

Sjoerd de Kreij is the co-founder and CEO of Typetone. After founding several startups and working in data science, Sjoerd was captivated by the potential of Generative AI. This fascination led him to co-found Typetone, where they now focus on developing AI Digital Workers that help businesses in scaling their content marketing efforts. Typetone has become a leader in integrating artificial intelligence with businesses. Sjoerd envisions a world where AI strengthens businesses and human labor, allowing creativity and strategy to take center stage, by building an AI Digital Workforce.

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