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How to generate passive income through the GPT Store

Thaisa Appelman
January 11, 2024
9 minutes

Interested in boosting your income passively? Consider the ChatGPT Store. Explore creating, sharing, and monetizing your GPT models by building and uploading them on the GPT Store. Discover the top 15 GPTs available now, each offering unique expertise in various domains, from research to design and data analysis. Plus, learn how to effectively manage your created GPTs on the GPT Store, making it easy to edit, and delete your models as needed.

Custom GPTs explained

In the latest GPT-4 update, ChatGPT has rolled out custom GPTs, designed for plus plan users and entrepreneurs. These AI models can be customized to perform specific tasks, such as marketing, customer service, or personal assistance. The process to create a custom GPT is user-friendly; you can create one by simply having a chat with the GPT Builder, with no coding expertise required.

Other benefits of using custom GPTs include:

Versatility with multiple models: Users can create multiple custom GPTs to address different needs, making it a flexible tool for various purposes.
Efficient file handling
: Direct file uploads eliminate the need for copying and pasting text from different sources, saving time and effort.
Voice and audio compatibility:
Custom GPTs can process voice and audio data, converting them into text or providing responses in voice format, adding to their versatility.

These advantages make custom GPTs a valuable asset for businesses and personal tasks, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

What is the GPT Store?

Aside from GPTs, ChatGPT just launched the GPT Store. This online marketplace features creations from AI companies and certified developers and spotlight the most valuable and engaging GPTs in various categories like productivity and education every week. It simplifies the process of discovering models for tasks like natural language processing and content generation, making it easier for businesses and individuals to access the right tools.

ChatGPT also announced that in the first quarter, they'll be launching a revenue program specifically for GPT builders. Initially, this program will focus on U.S.-based builders, offering them compensation based on the level of user engagement with their GPTs. More details regarding the payment criteria will be shared as the launch date draws nearer.

For companies, ChatGPT further mentioned that they introduced the team plan, granting teams access to a private section of the GPT Store for secure GPT usage in their workspace. The GPT Store will soon expand to ChatGPT enterprise users, offering admin controls to manage internal and external GPT usage. As for privacy, it was stated that your GPT interactions aren't used to improve the model and will be private.

The ChatGPT Store

Benefits of using the GPT Store

The GPT Store offers a wealth of advantages for both AI enthusiasts and businesses. This marketplace is supposed to be a one-stop destination for all your AI needs. Let's explore the benefits of using the GPT Store. 

Diverse selection: The GPT Store boasts an extensive range of pre-trained GPT models, AI tools and APIs, catering to various needs and applications.
Time savings:
It streamlines the process of finding AI models, saving you valuable time in your AI projects.
Quality assurance:
Models available on the GPT Store are often developed and tested by reputable AI companies and developers, ensuring their quality and reliability.
You can easily browse, compare, and acquire the right AI resources in one centralized marketplace.
The GPT Store provides options for different AI use cases, from natural language processing to content generation and more.
Access to expertise:
It connects you with experts in the field who develop and offer these AI tools, enabling you to leverage their expertise.
Income potential:
For those with AI development skills, the GPT Store offers the opportunity to earn money by creating and selling your AI models and tools on the platform, opening up new revenue streams.

How to earn money from the GPT Store

Earning money from the GPT Store involves creating valuable custom GPTs and making them available for others to use. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can generate passive income from the GPT Store:

1 - Develop a useful GPT model

Start by developing a custom GPT that serves a specific purpose or solves a particular problem. Consider the needs and interests of potential users. Problems that you can address with GPTs are:

In daily life, a specialized GPT model could be designed to assist with personal fitness and wellness. This AI could provide customized workout plans, nutrition advice, and mental health support, making it easier for individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In a work-related context, a GPT model tailored for project management could streamline task allocation, progress tracking, and team collaboration. It would empower project managers to optimize workflows and achieve project goals efficiently.

2 - Verify and optimize

Ensure that your GPT model is thoroughly tested and optimized for performance. It should provide reliable and accurate results.

3 - List your GPT model

Register and list your GPT model on the GPT Store. Provide a detailed description, clear use cases, and any special features or advantages it offers.To share your custom GPT in the store, follow these steps:

1 - Ensure your builder profile is verified 

Step 1: Click on your name located in the left bottom of the screen. 
Step 2:
Select “Settings & Beta” from the available options.

Verify your builder profile on ChatGPT

Step 3: Click on the button next to your name to verify your builders profile or enable your website. 

Enable your builders profile on ChatGPT

Step 4: You are ready to upload your custom GPTs to the GPT Store

Upload custom GPT to the GPT Store

2 - Upload your GPT

Step 1: Build your GPT by following the step-by-step guide on how to create custom GPTs.
Step 2:
Click on “Save” and select “Everyone” to publish your custom GPT to the GPT Store ( Custom GPTs with a link won't be displayed in the store).
Step 3: Select the category you want to publish your GPT in. 

Upload custom GPT to the GPT Store

Step 4: Select “Confirm” to upload your GPT.

Upload your custome GPT

4 - Pricing strategy

Decide on a pricing strategy for your GPT model. You can choose to offer it for free, charge a one-time fee, or implement a subscription-based model. Pricing should reflect the value your model provides.

5 - Promote your GPT model

Use marketing and promotion strategies to make potential users aware of your GPT model. Highlight its benefits and showcase its capabilities.

6 - User engagement

Engage with users who purchase or use your GPT model. Provide support, answer questions, and gather feedback to improve the model's performance.

7 - Continuous improvement 

Continuously update and improve your GPT model based on user feedback and evolving needs. This can help maintain or increase its popularity and earnings.

8 - Legal and ethical considerations

Ensure that your GPT model complies with legal and ethical guidelines. Respect privacy, avoid biases, and adhere to any relevant regulations.

By following these steps and offering a valuable GPT model on the GPT Store, you can earn money based on its usage by others while contributing to the AI community's growth and innovation.

How to manage and delete uploaded custom GPTs

Step 1: Click on your name located at the left bottom of the screen. 
Step 2:
Select “My GPTs” from the available options

Delete custom GPTs

Step 3: Select the 3 dots to delete the GPT from the store. 

Deete custom GPT from the GPT Store

Step 4: To manage and edit your GPT select the pencil icon. 

Edit your custome GPT

Top 15 GPTs available right now

The GPT Store offers a selection of specialized custom GPTs, each designed to address specific needs. These virtual advisors cover areas like productivity, education, technology, automation, and creative content creation. Let's explore the top 15 GPTs available in the GPT Store.

1- Consensus (Formerly ResearchGPT)

With access to a vast repository of 200 million academic papers from Consensus, this GPT model provides science-based answers and assists in drafting content with precise citations. It's a valuable resource for research and knowledge dissemination.

Consensus GPT

2 - Homework Helper

This GPT is ready to support your learning needs. It assists in creating curriculums, explaining assignments, and solving study problems, making the educational experience more manageable and effective for you.

Homework Helper GPT

3 - Grimoire 

Grimoire allows you to craft websites and other projects effortlessly using sentences. It features over 20 coding shortcuts, 27 beginner projects, and the option to seek help or upload images for assistance.

Gromoire GPT

4 - Automation Consultant by Zapier

This specialized GPT model acts as a virtual consultant for automating tasks across various applications. It can provide expert advice on setting up Zapier automations, helping you streamline processes and save time.

Automation Consultant by Zapier

5 - Canva

Focused on assisting with graphic design and content creation, the Canva Content Creator GPT is your creative partner. It can generate visually appealing graphics, infographics, and social media visuals tailored for use in Canva, simplifying the design process.

Canva GPT

6 - DALL·E

DALL·E is your tool to turn your imagination into vivid imagery. It's a creative powerhouse that can generate images based on your ideas, making it an excellent resource for artists, designers, and anyone looking to bring their vision to life.

7 - Data Analyst 

Simplify your data analysis and visualization tasks by dropping in your files. This GPT is your expert companion for understanding and presenting data effectively.

8 - Calendar

Streamline your daily preparations with the assistance of Calendar GPT, powered by Zapier's AI Actions. It's your go-to companion for efficient scheduling and planning, ensuring you make the most of each day.

9 - Ai PDF

Your top PDF companion, handling large files up to 2GB each. With a free account on, you can upload thousands of PDFs hassle-free. The PRO version offers advanced features like powerful search, OCR, and superior document summaries.

10 - Logo Creator 

Create logo designs effortlessly using this tool, making logo creation a breeze.

11 - Slide Maker

Simplify your presentation creation with this tool. It generates stunning PowerPoint slides based on your prompts and can even read content from any provided link.

12 - Content Analyzer

Evaluate your web content's quality and relevance compared to competitors based on Google's guidelines.

13 - Midjourney Analyst

A specialist in image prompt analysis and expert illustrator, ready to provide insights and expertise for Midjourney-related tasks.

14 - VideoGPT by VEED

Transform your video creation process with VideoGPT by VEED. This AI-powered tool streamlines video production for audience growth, whether you're a content creator or marketer. Unlock creative potential and captivate your viewers effortlessly.

15 - ConvertAnything

Your go-to file converter for images, audio, video, documents, and beyond. With support for individual or batch uploads, ZIP files, and convenient download links, it's the ultimate tool for all your conversion needs.

These GPT models, available on the GPT Store, cater to a range of needs and applications, providing valuable assistance and insights in their respective domains.

Typetone AI: Streamline work, boost income

Are you actively seeking innovative ways to boost your income while reducing your dependence on ChatGPT for AI-related tasks? If you handle sensitive or critical business data and require a specialized solution, consider exploring Typetone AI. Here are the five key benefits that come with working with Typetone AI:

1 - Enhanced content creation

Typetone AI not only automates content generation but also allows you to create content in your own unique tone of voice. Whether it's a casual, professional, or persuasive style, Typetone AI adapts to your voice preferences.

2 - Privacy assurance

Typetone AI prioritizes your data security and privacy. It follows a robust privacy policy to safeguard your sensitive information, ensuring that your data remains confidential and protected, all while being GDPR-proof. Our commitment to privacy assurance offers you peace of mind while using our services. 

3 - Custom-made templates 

Typetone AI provides over 50 customizable templates for various content types such as Instagram posts, a blog, introduction, interview, and SEO text. You can easily tailor these templates to match your specific needs, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your content creation process.

4 - Meet Sarah, your new content marketer AI assistant

Sarah possesses the capability to fully automate the entire process, from content generation to uploading. She serves as your dedicated AI content marketing assistant, committed to streamlining your content creation. With Sarah by your side, your content marketing becomes more efficient and effective, thanks to her capability to handle the entire process seamlessly.

Sarah content marketer AI

5 - Seamless integration 

Typetone AI supports over 200 integrations in all ATS, CMS, CRM tooling, and also collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, Gmail, Outlook, and more. We seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow and tools, ensuring a smooth transition into AI-assisted content creation. 

GPT Store explained in 6 bullet points

We've compiled everything you need to know about custom GPTs and the GPT Store into 6 concise bullet points:

  • ChatGPT's GPT-4 update introduces customizable AI models for specific tasks, making AI customization accessible without coding expertise.
  • The GPT Store simplifies AI tool discovery, offering pre-trained GPT models, saving time, and providing quality AI solutions for various use cases.
  • Generate income by creating and listing GPT models on the GPT Store, offering valuable solutions and contributing to the AI community.
  • Easily manage your created GPTs on the GPT Store, allowing for convenient editing and deletion.
  • Explore specialized GPT models covering research, education, design, data analysis, and more, all available on the GPT Store.
  • Try Typetone AI to create seamless, secure, and high-quality content. 

Ready to experience the efficiency and precision of Typetone in your content creation journey? Give it a try today and discover the difference it can make in streamlining your content creation processes.

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Thaisa is Typetone's content marketeer who focuses on AI digital coworkers and GPTs.

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