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Call-to-Action Examples: 6 Ways to Get Clicks

Trilok Sonar
August 11, 2023
8 minutes

What is a call to action?

A CTA, or Call-to-Action, is a marketing term that refers to a prompt or instruction given to the audience to encourage them to take a specific action. This could include signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, downloading an ebook, or subscribing to a service.

Why are CTA’s important?

The importance of CTAs in marketing and sales strategies cannot be overstated. They serve as powerful tools that guide potential customers towards conversions and help businesses achieve their goals. CTAs are designed to grab attention, create interest, and ultimately drive action.

Types of CTA’s

There are different types of CTAs that can be used to guide and persuade your audience. Here are some of the most common CTA’s.

Text-based CTAs encourage immediate action

Text-based CTAs are simple yet effective in capturing the attention of your audience. These CTAs use persuasive language and concise messaging to encourage users to take immediate action.

Direct action CTAs

Direct action CTAs are straightforward. They clearly state what action you want the user to take.

Examples of direct action CTAs include "Buy now" and "Download now." These types of CTAs work well when you want to prompt an immediate response from your audience.

Benefit-driven CTAs

Benefit-driven CTAs focus on highlighting the advantages or rewards that users will gain by taking the desired action. These types of CTAs appeal to the user's needs or desires, making them more likely to engage.

Examples of benefit-driven CTAs include "Get your free ebook" and "Start your 30-day trial." By emphasizing the benefits, you create a sense of value for the user.

Example of Typetone AI’s CTA template to help you create good CTA’s

Call-to-Action template to create CTAs with AI

Button-based CTAs capture your user’s attention

One of the most common types of CTAs is the button-based CTA. These are typically found on websites and emails, and they are designed to stand out and catch the user's attention.

Graphic-based CTAs

Another type of CTA is the graphic-based CTA. These are visually appealing elements that use images or illustrations to convey their message. Graphic-based CTAs can be more eye-catching and engaging than button-based ones. They often feature compelling visuals that resonate with the target audience.

Icon-based CTAs

Icon-based CTAs utilize simple but recognizable icons to communicate their purpose. Icons like arrows, shopping carts, phone icons, or envelope icons are commonly used in this type of CTA. By using familiar symbols, icon-based CTAs can quickly convey their intent without relying heavily on text.

Example of button-based CTA’s

examples of various call to action buttons

Form-based CTAs lead to subscriptions and lead generation

One other common type of CTA is the form-based CTA. These CTAs typically require users to fill out a form with their information before taking action. 

Subscription forms

These CTAs encourage users to sign up for newsletters or receive exclusive updates from your brand. They might say something like "Sign up for our newsletter" or "Get exclusive updates."

Lead generation forms 

These CTAs aim to gather contact information from potential leads. Examples include "Request a quote" or "Get a free consultation." By filling out these forms, users express interest in your product or service, allowing you to follow up and nurture the relationship.

Form-based CTAs are effective because they allow you to collect valuable data about your audience while also providing them with relevant content or services.

Example of Typetone AI’s newsletter template to create form-based CTA’s

Call-to-action examples in newsletters in Typetone AI template

CTA’s in e-commerce

CTA’s in e-commerce play a crucial role in driving conversions. Here is how you can use them in e-commerce.

Use “Add to cart” buttons with colors and catchy phrases

E-commerce websites often use colorful buttons that stand out from the rest of the page. These buttons are strategically placed near product descriptions and are accompanied by catchy phrases like "Buy Now" or "Get Yours Today!" This combination grabs the attention of potential customers and encourages them to take immediate action.

Use limited-time offers with countdown timers

Nothing creates a sense of urgency quite like a limited-time offer. E-commerce businesses leverage this by incorporating countdown timers on their websites or in their marketing emails. For example, a message might say, "Hurry! Only 2 hours left to get 20% off." This adds an element of scarcity, motivating customers to make a purchase before time runs out.

Examples of Typetone AI's marketing templates that creates Google ads

Call-to-action examples in Google Ads with Typetone AI

CTA’s in service-based businesses get people to engage with a brand

Service-based businesses rely heavily on lead generation and capturing potential customer information.  Here is how you can use them in service-based businesses.

Use contact forms with messages to grab their attention

Service-based businesses can create more impactful CTAs by including personalized messages. Using CTA buttons that highlight convenience and expertise can greatly increase conversions.

For example, a contact form with a message like "Let us help you find the perfect solution" or "Schedule a call" not only grabs attention but also reassures potential customers that their needs will be understood and addressed. 

The key to crafting effective CTAs for service-based businesses is to focus on providing value and addressing the specific needs of potential customers. 

Example of CTA’s in service based businesses

Call-to-action examples in service-based economies

CTA’s in content marketing/lead generation

When it comes to content marketing and lead generation, a strong CTA is crucial for driving conversions. A well-crafted CTA can entice readers to take the desired action, whether it's downloading a resource or subscribing to a newsletter. 

Use Landing page forms to offer downloadable resources 

Landing pages that offer valuable resources as downloadable content are highly effective for lead generation. By providing an enticing CTA, such as "Unlock our ultimate guide to SEO," businesses can capture the attention of their target audience and entice them to exchange their contact information for the resource.

Examples of Typetone AI's landing page template to help you with lead generation

Landing page Call-to-action example

Use Pop-up CTAs to offer discounts or incentives for subscribing to newsletters

Pop-up CTAs have proven to be a successful technique for capturing leads. By offering exclusive discounts or incentives in exchange for subscribing to newsletters, businesses can grow their subscriber list while also providing value to potential customers.

For example, a pop-up could appear on the website with a headline like "Subscribe now and get 10% off your first purchase." The key is to make the offer compelling enough for visitors to provide their email address without being too intrusive. The CTA should clearly state the benefit of subscribing and create a sense of urgency by using phrases like "Limited time offer" or "Exclusive discount for subscribers."

4 best practices for creating effective CTAs

When it comes to driving conversions, a strong call-to-action (CTA) can make all the difference. Here are four key best practices to consider when crafting your CTAs:

Use action-oriented language and verbs: To encourage immediate action, make sure your CTA uses powerful verbs that compel your audience to click or engage.

Create a sense of urgency or exclusivity: By incorporating time-sensitive language or highlighting exclusive offers, you can motivate your audience to act quickly and avoid missing out on valuable opportunities.

Keep it concise and clear: Ambiguity or confusion can lead to missed conversions. Keep your CTA short, simple, and easy to understand so that users know exactly what they need to do.

Test different CTAs and analyze conversion rates: A/B testing allows you to experiment with different CTAs and determine which ones resonate best with your audience. Continuously analyzing conversion rates will help you optimize your CTAs for maximum effectiveness.

With that being said...

CTAs are important in marketing as they serve as signposts, guiding your audience towards the desired destination – be it making a purchase, subscribing to a service, or accessing valuable content.

They come in different formats like text-based CTAs which are direct and impactful, button-based CTAs which command attention with contrast, and form-based CTAs that facilitate data collection for tailored interactions.

They activate engagement and should be versatile to suit different audiences like e-commerce, service-based businesses and content marketing. 

To help you out even further you can try out our CTA template for free at Typetone AI. Use them effectively, experiment with finesse, and watch your audience respond with action. 

Trilok Sonar

Trilok Sonar is our content marketeer and specializes in blogs about AI content.

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