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AI blog writing: 4 techniques for the best blogs

Trilok Sonar
August 31, 2023
5 minutes

Yes, blog writing with AI changed my life

My name is Trilok and I have been writing blogs for quite some time now. If you read the title, you probably already know what I am going to talk about: AI in blog writing.

But before I talk about the blog, let me just talk about myself. So, I am a content marketeer and I also write blogs. As boring as that may sound to some of you, I quite enjoy them because I also learn something new everyday. And before, I used to write blogs from scratch and it was quite a tedious task. Especially when you have to meet deadlines.

Then OpenAI came along with their GPT models and changed the course of writing. That’s when I decided to use AI to write my blogs as well. That got me quite far I’d say and even made my work more efficient and I could create around two blogs a day.

So, I thought why not let you guys in on my tips to create some nice blogs. Here’s how…

How to effectively use AI in blog writing

You may know the traditional way of just writing down a simple prompt such as “generate a 500 word article on water pollution” to create your article. Although that is not fully wrong, it is not as effective as you may want it to be.

Here are four different techniques you can apply to generate good articles.

One-to-one technique

This is the most basic way to generate your article. In this case you directly generate a long article for any topic that you prefer using a prompt similar to the one in the above statement. Here, you will almost certainly have a word shortage and the AI will not generate the exact number of words you want it to.

Using Typetone AI long article template  for AI blog writing

Layered technique

In this technique, you generate an article using an AI tool like Typetone AI, copy and paste it into a document. You can then click on the add details template to certain paragraphs. It generates more content for you based on what details you want to deep dive into.

Using Typetone AI medium length article template  for AI blog writing
Using Typetone AI add details template  for AI blog writing

As you can see in the image above, by using the add details template, Typetone AI generates more content about a specific part of the article you want to deep dive into. 

Now you have a quality blog post with the required number of words and content that is more comprehensive and clear

Collage technique

This is my personal favorite method and it is the one that stands out to me the most. Why?

Because it really breaks down my article into pieces and gives an idea as to exactly how I should approach my blog. 

So how I start with this is, first I create an outline of the blog using Typetone AI. Once I have the outline, I will copy-paste the outline on any document. 

Using Typetone AI outline template  for AI blog writing

Once you have that, you can see in the image above that I have highlighted the first header. I copy-paste that into the short article template on Typetone AI and generate that part of the article.

Using short article template for AI blog writing

There, I have my generated article. I just repeat the process for all different headers till I have a well written article. What I also like to do sometimes is rewrite my article using the improve language template. It makes the article more comprehensive. 

Summarizing content

Here’s something else I do when I need to write about blog topics that are more up to date. The problem with GPT models is that they have data up to September 2021. So anything I write past that, AI cannot generate it.

When that happens, what I tend to do is look up the top five articles on that blog topic on Google. So for example, I google if “chatgpt is safe?”. I get a list of the five articles that talk about what I want to know.

It could be a blog by wikihow or Then I read the articles on those websites and start summarizing what I read. Eventually, I expand on that summary based on what I read on those pages.

That way I also have my facts checked and create stellar content for my readers.

Writing blogs using Typetone AI

If I want to create truly top-notch content, I go for the collage approach and also combine it with the summarizing content. That way not only is my content evergreen, but also up to date. If I just want to quickly put together a nice article, I use the layered approach and if word count is not that important, then the one-to-one method works just fine too.

Remember that you can create any of these articles in any tone of voice you prefer. Pick one that resonates with your style and your brand. 

So go ahead and create content on Typetone AI using the method that works best for you. Try it now for free.

Trilok Sonar

Trilok Sonar is our content marketeer and specializes in blogs about AI content.

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