Full Stack Software Engineer

On site / Hybrid
Full Time

About Typetone:

We are pioneers in what we consider the new internet - hacking together technology that will significantly change the work landscape. The future of digital coworkers is coming, and we aim to be part of that journey. We expect companies will soon be hybrid - comprising both human and AI coworkers working side-by-side. Many previously unscalable tasks will now be scalable, leveling the playing field for small companies to finally compete with giants. We are a young company with an average age around 27 - enthusiasts who love building things that matter. We listen to customers and build accordingly, loving the latest tech but prioritizing business growth and customer needs. Ultimately, we want to be the first to build an actual digital coworker - a computer people really consider part of their team. We care deeply about velocity - building, failing and succeeding fast. At last, we possess little ego, wanting the best ideas to prevail.

The Opportunity:

As we accelerate our mission, we seek an exceptional Fullstack Developer to join our core six-person engineering team. You'll shape the future of our company and of office/digital work. We use Typescript, React and Remix on frontend; FastAPI Python on backend; host on Google Cloud (Cloud Run); and manage state with Redis.

What We're Looking For:

We want full stackers for multiple reasons:

  • Growth: You'll learn more doing it all, understanding our full application. New exploration excites us.
  • Ownership: We want people to own the whole product. In bigger companies, responsibility gets shoved around. At Typetone, we take collective responsibility for delighting customers. "I have an idea to fix it" beats "I have nothing to do with this."
  • Team: Working on the same thing lets us all communicate better, inspiring more creativity and have more fun.
  • Speed: Less bottlenecks mean more autonomy and productivity.

We also want:

  • Pragmatism: What matters now? Is an edge case worth extended effort? Why not just build and test it?
  • A Smile: We joke and have fun. We can be blunt but mean no ill. We enjoy laughing together and having the right moments to mess around.
  • Desire to Win: We're in a competitive space - let's do better than the rest and win this race. We might not be biggest, so let's be smartest and most dedicated.

Key Responsibilities:

  • You get it done! It's the attitude we are looking for.
  • Ship features quickly
  • Think product first - what helps the business most? Proactively suggest ideas and priorities.
  • Frequently become the "fool of the day", being responible to fix minor bugs popping up
  • Review PRs timely
  • See customer feedback - interact with analytics, dashboards, or recorded interviews
  • Aid recruiting to shape team culture; we take recruiting very seriously
  • Teach others, and be open to learning

Basic Qualifications:

  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent 4+ years full-stack experience
  • Expertise in TypeScript, React, and Python (optional). Remix nice to have.
  • Proven large-scale web app building/maintenance
  • Comfortable on frontend and backend; frameworks and libraries
  • Portfolio demonstrating skills and innovation

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Cloud experience (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) and containers (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Familiarity with AI/ML integration into production
  • Digital marketing and content creation ecosystems
  • Proactive independent thinker with high energy and positive attitude
  • Excellent at communication and balancing priorities

What We Offer:

The basics:

  • Competitive pay and equity
  • Flexible remote-friendly hours. Onsite collaboration a big plus.
  • Work with talented, diverse people in an unknown world
  • Open, fun startup culture
  • Professional and personal growth

The good stuff:

  • Weekly Free lunch noodles at Arie's (best noodles ever!)
  • Weekly gaming and pizza sessions
  • Quarterly hackathons to finally satisfy that itch you've been dying to work on
  • Celebrating successes together
  • Random events and experiences that happen in a startup, for scenery changes

How to Apply:

If you’re eager to build real digital coworkers, apply! We welcome learning more about you!