AI/ML Engineer (Python, LLM Finetuning, Pragmatic Innovation)

On site / Hybrid
Full Time

AI/ML Engineer (Python, LLM Finetuning, Pragmatic Innovation)

Location: Strong preference for on-site (Amsterdam) or Hybrid. Remote only for exceptional engineers.

About Typetone:We revolutionize how companies work by building AI-powered digital coworkers. This technology will reshape workforces, allowing smaller businesses to compete on an even footing with established leaders. We're a young, energetic team (average age 27) who move fast and focus squarely on what makes a real difference to our clients. We listen attentively to customers' needs and prioritize solutions that drive measurable business growth. Our goal is to develop the first digital coworker genuinely considered a valued team member.

The Opportunity:We're seeking an exceptional AI Engineer to join our rapidly growing team.  This is your chance to directly  influence the future of workplaces by transforming powerful language models into practical, impactful digital coworkers. We primarily use Python, proven LLM frameworks, and cloud technologies (especially Google Cloud).

What We're Looking For:

The foundational pillars remain, with shifts from 'bleeding-edge' to business impact:

  • Growth Mindset: You seek constant learning, understanding both our  AI models and full application stack as tools for achieving business outcomes.
  • Ownership Over Impact: We don't simply write code; we design products users love. Taking initiative with a "Let's test this!" approach drives value-focused development.
  • Collaborative Communication: Effective teamwork is essential for delivering reliable AI solutions in a dynamic startup environment.
  • Bias for Action: Iterating quickly through autonomy, efficient processes, and decisive problem-solving is critical for progress.

Technical Focus:

  • Pragmatic Problem Solver: What gets the user the best and most efficient result quickly? Elegant long-term solutions must often make space for immediate customer focus.
  • Positive, Can-Do Spirit:  Enthusiasm and willingness to laugh even during setbacks create a resilient, innovative work environment.
  • Competitive Drive: Proactive improvement and strategic awareness will enable Typetone to lead in this emerging market.

Key Responsibilities (AI Focused):

  • Customer-focused AI: Integrate AI  for immediate, demonstrable client benefits
  • LLM Finetuning Expert: Optimize language models to perform effectively within customer domains, continuously  improving accuracy and relevance.
  • Model Integration: Ensure seamless interaction between language models and existing systems for user-friendly workflows.
  • Proactive Ideation: Analyze evolving business needs and identify new AI-driven features to expand our services and customer benefits.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Analyze dashboards and customer interactions to improve AI performance and refine product vision.
  • Building a Learning Culture:  Collaborate in recruiting, mentorship, and ongoing AI knowledge-sharing with your teammates.

Basic Qualifications:

  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent AI-related field experience
  • Python Proficiency: Deep understanding of data manipulation (Pandas, NumPy), and ML libraries (TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.).
  • LLM Experience: Proven track record in finetuning, with insights into NLP pipelines and projects.
  • Full-Stack Understanding: Solid development foundations and grasp of web architecture concepts.
  • Proven Portfolio:  Projects showcasing technical expertise and successful design of AI-driven products.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Cloud Deployment Experience: Working knowledge of Google Cloud (Cloud Run, Kubeflow), AWS, or Azure
  • Experience with Generative AI, finetuning, prompting, quantizing, deployment.
  • Business sense (+Pragmatism!): A desire to understand how your work drives commercial success.

What We Offer:

  • Competitive pay and equity
  • Flexible remote-friendly hours. Onsite collaboration a big plus.
  • Work with talented, diverse people in an unknown world
  • Open, fun startup culture
  • Professional and personal growth

The good stuff:

  • Weekly Free lunch noodles at Arie's (best noodles ever!)
  • Weekly gaming and pizza sessions
  • Quarterly hackathons to finally satisfy that itch you've been dying to work on
  • Celebrating successes together
  • Random events and experiences that happen in a startup, for scenery changes

How to Apply:

If you’re eager to build real digital coworkers, apply! We welcome learning more about you