Imagine if you could hire a content marketeer, who’s worked at over a thousand companies, for less than the cost of an intern.

Sarah will deliver the best copy, visuals and creatives tailored to your business. She's never sick, and works 24/7. Hire and onboard her within 20 minutes. And she'll be ready to deliver quality.

Cheaper than a freelancer or
agency. Often much better and easier to manage.
<6 min
That’s how much your new content marketeer needs to create a complete marketing strategy
Benefit from her work experience at over 15.000 innovative companies

Sarah, your AI Marketeer, brings the insights of thousands—your content will easily be elevated by her collective industry wisdom.

More content. 
More traffic. 
More revenue.

Improve your online presence and engage with your audience. Drive more traffic to your website, increase user interactions, and ultimately watch your business revenue soar.

Complete integration with all your tools and channels

Enjoy the benefits of integration as Sarah effortlessly navigates through all your tools and channels, ensuring the most efficient workflow.

AI Content Marketeer — a real part of your team

Easily collaborate with Sarah, like you would with any other colleague. Chat with her on Slack, Whatsapp, and more.

90% less operational costs

Through an easy UI and seamless integrations.

Sarah starts today

And works the way you want, with high quality.


Hiring your content marketeer Sarah is like Plug ‘n Play.

Start the onboarding

Onboard Sarah in 20 minutes with your knowledge and requirements

Review her work

Review her strategy, content calendar and content, if you want.

That’s it!

It's as easy as that. Now, sit back and focus on your business


There's no reason why you shouldn't work with Sarah

There's no other human content marketeer or agency out there that can do what Sarah will do for you. In a matter of minutes, she will not only create your content strategy, but also better and more engaging content.

Whether you need blog posts, social media captions, visuals or persuasive email newsletters, she's got you covered.

Automate content marketing 100%

From strategy to publication

Onboarded in 20 minutes

Works 24/7, never sick

"I can't believe how accurately Sarah copies my writing style. She saves me so much time and effort, allowing me to focus on growing my business."
Lara Morgan
Business and Career Coach

Our vision is to help you focus on your growth

It's Typetone’s mission to help companies concentrate on what truly matters to them - strategy and creativity, while leaving the repetitive with us, the AI Workers. 

We are at a tipping point of technological transformation. It's our responsibility to make sure as many businesses as possible can join this revolution, leveling the playing field for all. 

This is at the heart of our vision: infinite growth possibilities for SMB's across the globe.

This is what it's like to work with your new AI Content Marketeer, Sarah

Typetone generating process
Knows your brand

AI Digital Marketeer, Sarah, gets familiar with your brand by reading all available information. This is how she can give that personal touch to create your brand content. There's no need to correct her, she already knows your tone of voice.

Generating content by typetone

Unlimited written content

Sarah has no content limitations. She's able to create unlimited, high-quality content strategies and copy that adapts to industry trends and competitors. This is how you can easily scale your business and learn what works best for you.

A part of your team

Experience true collaboration with Sarah, your AI team member. More than just a tool, she seamlessly integrates into your workflows and becomes an indispensable part of your content creation team. Just try it out. She's always available.

10x cheaper than hiring 
a copywriter
GDPR proof - all your data securely stored
Writes in your company's
tone of voice

Frequently asked questions

Got any more questions? We're looking forward to helping you.

How does Typetone AI work?
  1. Create an account.
  2. Log in to the app and choose a template, such as "Article Writing".
  3. Fill in the required fields and click "Generate." The more context, the better the output.
  4. Now wait 3-10 seconds and there's your fresh plagiarism-free content!You now have multiple articles to choose from.

Any more questions about how the app works? Ask your question to our live chat or send an email and we will help you further.

If you want unlimited words, the Chrome extension, Tone of Voice special functions, Typetone Chat and more, you can easily upgrade to our Pro subscription.

Or schedule a demo if you want to hire a digital worker like Content Marketeer Sarah.

In which languages can I generate AI content?

You can create AI content in 15 different languages. So probably, also you can use Typetone.AI (formerly Schrijven AI) for your AI content.

Contact us if you'd like us to add any more languages!

What is the difference between Typetone AI and ChatGPT?

Our customers choose Typetone AI because we already tested and implemented the best prompts in our tool, so you always get the best output.

We also offer you the option to share your brand identity and tone of voice, so that you can generate AI content in your personal writing style. And you can create copy in bulk, for example 100 SEO product texts in one go.

Last but not least, Typetone AI is cheaper and more user-friendly than most AI content tools available and, for example, a lot nicer to work with than ChatGPT.

How much does a subscription cost?

You get 10.000 words per month for free. So technically, it costs you nothing.But most of our users get hooked and choose our Pro Subscription.

For only €29,- per month (annual subscription) you get unlimited words, a chrome extension, bulk actions, access to Typetone Chat, chat support and more. We also offer tailor-made enterprise solutions for teams and companies.

Our Digital Workers can be hired for only €199,- per month. Check out our pricing now and start your AI content journey.