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Why hire an AI Digital Worker?

Sjoerd de Kreij
March 26, 2024
6 minutes

The right AI digital labor force is more than just a tool. Your AI digital workers are active and valued members of your team. But unlike human workers, your AI employees are available 24/7, 365 days a year. They never get sick, and they never need to take time off. Typetone’s AI assistants are programmed to know your brand and voice better than anyone else, giving you a whole new way to manage tasks and get things done.

Why hire an automated Digital Worker?

Not all teams have the same resources. That also means that not all teams have the same opportunities for growth, no matter how great their work may be. An AI digital employee helps iron out this discrepancy, allowing organizations of all sizes to automate key parts of their workflow.

Finding skilled workers to meet today’s market demands is challenging.

The frustrating but simple truth is that there’s almost always more work than there are workers. This can be especially true for small- to medium-sized businesses, who may rely on limited team members and resources. So far, growth has been capped by a business’s capacity to hire dependable, high-performing professionals. 

Marketing creates growth but is a specialized and time-consuming effort.

Smaller teams may struggle to keep up with their existing roles and the need for a robust marketing strategy. Hiring and keeping the right talent on board can be costly, especially for emerging businesses.

Tedious but necessary, repetitive tasks stifle engagement.

Today’s teams often find themselves stretched thinner and thinner as technology launches customer needs and expectations to new heights. Simplifying and automating business practices is key, but it quickly drains even the most passionate employees. 

After all, your top talent probably didn’t join your team to grind away at tedious daily tasks. They’re here because you know they have something meaningful to bring to your mission and workflow. But without the right support, you may be unable to take full advantage of your team’s potential.

AI digital workers balance your workload and help you grow.

These reasons, among others, are why Typetone takes our AI digital work solutions a step further. We’ve created a digital workforce designed to manage one of the most nuanced but crucial pieces of your business’s success: marketing. 

While your digital workers drive leads and conversions, plan your marketing moves, and follow through on marketing goals, you and the rest of your team can shift your attention to why you’re really there: to share great ideas and focus on your core business and creative strategies. 

What do AI employees do for businesses?

With an AI digital worker to take care of the “little” things – repetitive, boring tasks where humans are prone to errors –  your team can shift its attention to the impactful, inspiring, and creative ideas and tasks that define your business. The progress you make feeds back into our AI digital agents, further strengthening their role as active members of your team.

It’s not that marketing and building a content empire aren’t important or beneficial efforts, but these skills aren’t necessarily in everyone’s wheelhouse. With the help of an AI workforce, they don’t have to be. 

Likewise, offloading some heavy work can significantly increase job satisfaction, further driving creativity and productivity. With an AI digital labor force, your business can easily automate to innovate

What are the benefits of hiring a digital employee?

The right AI digital labor force is more than just a tool. Your AI workers are active and valued members of your team. 

But unlike human workers, your AI employees are available 24/7, 365 days a year. They never get sick, and they never need to take time off. 

Thanks to their unlimited learning capabilities, Typetone’s AI digital workers get to know your brand better than anyone. They don’t just collect; they contribute. From data analysis to social media management, content creation, and more, AI digital employees consistently deliver the results you need without a hassle. 

How much do AI team members cost?

We already know that hiring strong talent – like freelancers or marketing agencies – can be costly. But just how much AI digital workers can save you might come as a surprise. 

Our AI digital workforce can be up to 10x cheaper than hiring a human worker, allowing you to invest more into other avenues, like creating a healthier work environment for your employees.

Since AI workers never need to take a break, they can work around the clock. With an AI digital worker, you can optimize productivity in the workplace and maximize the results you see from your marketing efforts. 

The best part? You can easily scale your digital work team as your business grows and evolves. 

Meet Typetone’s AI digital work assistants

There’s no better way to get to know the potential of AI digital workers than by meeting them yourself! Typetone has created three distinct and cutting-edge AI digital employees, each with their own special skills and professional capabilities. 

Introducing Sarah, Alex, and Margot, the very first AI digital marketing team designed to help your business achieve creative excellence.

Sarah - Content Marketeer

Sarah AI Content Marketeer

Say hi to Sarah, your go-to AI content marketeer capable of handling every stage of the content marketing process for you. Sarah navigates everything that goes into automated content marketing, from brainstorming to strategy, planning, creation, and publication. 

However, what really stands out about Sarah is her accessibility. Any team can hire Sarah for less than the price of an intern, and she can start working for you as soon as today! As little as 20 minutes is all it takes to train Sarah and help her get started. 

What does Sarah do? She can help you with keyword research, content planning and outlining, offering personalized content recommendations, generating topic ideas, and more. If it has to do with content marketing, Sarah can do it.

What makes Sarah special? Like our other AI digital workers, Sarah is consistent and on-brand no matter what. She captures your brand’s voice and style to create innovative content for your target audience. No more feeding a chatbot endless prompts or reiterating the same style preferences over and over – Sarah remembers what you like, what you don’t, and what your business goals are. 

Alex - Paid Ads Marketeer

Alex AI Paid Ads Marketeer

While he’s currently still in development, we can’t help but give a shoutout to our AI paid ads marketeer, Alex. Boosting conversions and leads from your marketing efforts is his specialty, as is keeping your business’ best practices in mind when creating a robust paid advertisement campaign. 

What does Alex do? Alex brings the experience of thousands of projects and employees to the table to help you create, analyze, and measure your advertising campaigns. He’ll help you discover what works and what doesn’t so your advertising budget never goes to waste. Alex will be able to assist you in analyzing performance metrics, automating bid adjustments, and even suggesting A/B test variations to ensure your paid ads always reach the right people at the right time.

What makes Alex special? While Alex’s skills are numerous, he’s cheap to hire; he's 90% cheaper than a freelancer or agency, in fact. It only takes Alex about five minutes to get to know your goals and set up your new paid ad campaigns. Talk about efficiency! 

Margot - Email Marketing Specialist

Margot AI Email Marketing Specialist

Last but not least is Margot, another AI digital worker in development. Margot is our AI email marketing specialist and helps you make the most out of your virtual communications. She’s designed to identify the best ways to nurture leads and then turn interest in your business into sales.

What does Margot do? Margot’s main job is to create converting and continuous email flows for your clients. In other words, Margot manages email newsletters, updates, and other communications with clients to keep them interested in your services and direct them right to you. She can help you craft compelling emails and subject lines, segment your target audiences to create tailored messaging and personalize email content based on client behavior. 

What makes Margot special? Margot can help drive up to 300% more leads and conversions for your business. She’s a skilled AI email marketeer who can not only manage new tasks, but reflect on and learn from completed ones. For instance, Margot can analyze open and click-through rates to give you real feedback on your campaign’s success and adjust her strategy accordingly.

Let AI work for you with Typetone

AI tools certainly can’t automate everything your business does, and they shouldn’t. Human oversight and interaction is what helps artificial intelligence thrive, and it’s also what makes your business unique. 

But like any other precious resource, human time and labor must be used wisely. Any business, no matter its size, depends on engaged and empowered human employees. Getting caught in the “mud,” so to speak, and being bogged down by boring, repetitive tasks is easily one of the biggest killers of engagement and satisfaction. 

So, does that mean some of our human employees are doomed to a lifetime of mediocrity in the workplace? Does it mean that smaller teams have no choice but to bite the bullet and become savants in every part of the business process? We don’t subscribe to that notion, and we don’t think you should, either. 

There is a better, simpler way to balance your workflow and ensure you don’t have to spend a fortune to scale your business successfully. Typetone stands at the forefront of the AI revolution because we believe automation will help shape the future. 

Technology has always been designed to make our lives easier. Our AI digital workers propel this commitment to new heights, redefining what it means to market your business so that you can continue to grow. 

Try Typetone’s AI content generation tool for free to get started. Or, contact us to set up a demo of Sarah and our other AI digital workers and see the difference they can make for your team.

Sjoerd de Kreij

Sjoerd de Kreij is the co-founder and CEO of Typetone. After founding several startups and working in data science, Sjoerd was captivated by the potential of Generative AI. This fascination led him to co-found Typetone, where they now focus on developing AI Digital Workers that help businesses in scaling their content marketing efforts. Typetone has become a leader in integrating artificial intelligence with businesses. Sjoerd envisions a world where AI strengthens businesses and human labor, allowing creativity and strategy to take center stage, by building an AI Digital Workforce.

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