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Marketing guide 2024: Rotterdam

Thaisa Appelman
April 11, 2024
4 minutes

Rotterdam is known for its modern architecture and bustling port, but it is also emerging as a leading centre for innovation. The city's marketing industry is constantly evolving, blending creativity and technology to offer new opportunities for businesses seeking growth. 

This guide shows why your company should consider exploring Rotterdam's marketing scene and addresses the benefits and potential drawbacks of working with content agencies. 

Rotterdam marketing agency

Rotterdam: A short introduction 

Rotterdam is one of the top five IT hubs in the Netherlands, alongside Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and Eindhoven. As the second largest city in the country, it plays a significant role in the IT industry. 

One of Rotterdam's main strengths is its port, the largest in Europe. This is important not only for maritime operations but also serves as a hub for the development of advanced digital solutions and technologies.

Rotterdam is also a national leader in offshore wind energy and produces innovative systems for the distribution of renewable energy.  

The city is investing in digital information technologies and actively supports start-ups and scaling enterprises in the IT sector. Rotterdam provides a strong support network for entrepreneurs, researchers and technology experts, searching for innovation and growth.

Top 5 IT hubs in the Netherlands

Why your company should consider partnering with marketing agencies

Working with a marketing agency in Rotterdam, like an SEO bureau, advertising bureau, or copywriters, can bring many benefits to your business. These agencies are experienced and can offer new perspectives on your marketing efforts. They create customized strategies that match your company's goals and understand how to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

By tapping into their expertise, you can boost your brand's visibility. Marketing agencies excel at engaging your target audience, fostering stronger connections, and increasing customer involvement. Ultimately, this collaboration can fuel business growth and help you reach your company's goals.

4 downsides of marketing bureaus

While marketing bureaus can offer significant benefits, there are also potential downsides to consider:

  • Cost - High-quality content creation can be expensive, making it a significant investment for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Generic content - Some agencies may offer one-size-fits-all solutions that fail to capture the unique voice of your brand.
  • Turnaround time - Depending on the agency's workload, the turnaround time for content production can be lengthy, impacting timely marketing initiatives.
  • Revisions and control - Working with an agency might mean less control over the content creation process, leading to multiple revisions to meet your expectations.

A cheaper solution: Typetone.AI

The need for efficiency and productivity is constantly increasing. As a result, numerous companies are looking for creative ways to optimize their processes and promote expansion. One popular solution that is gaining popularity is the incorporation of AI digital workers developed by Typetone.AI.

These virtual assistants, such as Sarah, are not just tools, but they function as active and valuable members of your team, accessible around the clock, every day of the year. We will examine three convincing advantages of hiring digital workers for your business.

1. Closing the demand gap

Not all teams possess equal resources for growth. Especially for smaller organizations, it can be challenging to meet the demands of their workload. However, AI digital employees can assist in closing this gap by automating essential aspects of the workflow. 

Whether it involves data analysis, social media management, or content creation, AI workers are capable of efficiently handling repetitive tasks with accuracy. This allows your team to concentrate on more influential pursuits.

2. Cheaper than marketing bureaus

Finding qualified employees to meet the needs of the market can be difficult and expensive. Engaging freelancers or marketing agencies often comes with a high price. However, AI digital workers provide a cost-efficient alternative. 

They can be up to 10 times less expensive than hiring a human worker, enabling you to allocate more resources to other aspects of your business. Furthermore, AI workers do not require breaks and can work continuously, enhancing productivity and maximizing the outcomes of your marketing endeavors.

3. Improve creativity and productivity

Tedious and repetitive tasks have the potential to limit engagement and creativity among your team. However, by assigning these tasks to AI workers, you can give your employees more time and mental energy to dedicate to more meaningful and creative pursuits. 

This not only boosts job satisfaction but also fosters innovation and productivity within your organization. By allowing AI digital workers to handle the boring tasks, your team can prioritize automation and drive your business forward.

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Thaisa Appelman

Thaisa is Typetone's content marketeer who focuses on AI digital coworkers and GPTs.

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