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How does ChatGPT work? Understanding AI

Trilok Sonar
May 17, 2023
3 minutes

How does ChatGPT work?

ChatGPT works by understanding the information you provide and producing logical responses that it predicts will answer your question. This is all based on the data it was trained on. 

To deepen your understanding of how ChatGPT works, let's take a look at these pointers.

Pre-training phase

ChatGPT uses a powerful neural network called Transformer to understand language context and relationships. It learns by being exposed to lots of internet text, which helps it understand language patterns, grammar, vocabulary, and some logical reasoning. 

For example, if given the phrase "The cat is on the...", it might predict "mat" as the next word based on what it has learned.

Contextual understanding of data

The Transformer architecture allows the model to understand context over longer segments of text. It maintains a sense of the conversation's history and uses this context to provide logical responses. 

If the model encounters the sentence "She opened the door and felt a cool breeze," it can connect "cool breeze" with the act of opening a door.

Fine-tuning and specialization to generate better output

To make ChatGPT more useful and contextually aware, it goes through a fine-tuning process. During this phase, human AI trainers provide feedback and rate model-generated responses for specific tasks. 

This fine-tuning helps the model to align its outputs with human expectations and to improve its accuracy for various applications.

Prompt-response interaction

ChatGPT generates responses by predicting the most likely next word or phrase in a sentence given the context provided by the prompt. 

It uses the patterns and information it has learned during its training to craft logical and relevant responses. For example, a prompt about cooking can generate recipes, cooking tips, and related information.

Generating responses

In generating responses ChatGPT also uses patterns learned during pre-training and fine-tuning.

Although a powerful tool, ChatGPT has its limitations. It lacks real world understanding and can sometimes generate incorrect or nonsensical answers. It doesn't possess the contextual knowledge and common sense reasoning that humans naturally possess.

To improve overall system reliability, OpenAI encourages users to actively provide feedback on problematic outputs through their user interface. User feedback helps them identify areas for improvement and make necessary updates to enhance ChatGPT's performance.

Data privacy and other AI tools

Now that you have an understanding of how ChatGPT works you must also keep in mind that ChatGPT does not guarantee any level of data protection that businesses need in today’s digital environment. 

Data privacy represented by a sign

ChatGPT doesn't keep users' data safe. When interacting with ChatGPT, all your inputs are stored and used in future training sets for improving the machine learning algorithms that power these bots.

Try the safe way to work with ChatGPT

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