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ChatGPT for business: Embrace your brand’s future

Trilok Sonar
September 26, 2023
9 minutes

How AI powered chatbots have revolutionized businesses

Remember when it took hours or maybe even days to come up with content ideas and execute them? Or create designs multiple times through trial and error till you found the perfect one? That almost feels like it was a hundred years ago. 

But is it really? That was normal just two years ago but ever since AI powered chatbots like ChatGPT launched, it forever became a game changer. It revolutionized how companies interact with customers and streamline operations. 

Why are enterprise chatbots so popular?

They are popular as they not only save time and money but also frees up employees to focus on more complex and value-added work, improving productivity for businesses of all sizes. What's more is that these chatbots are constantly learning and improving. 

It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze customer interactions and adapt their responses accordingly. This means they become more accurate over time in understanding customer needs and providing relevant information.

ChatGPT enterprise for your business

How does ChatGPT enterprise help businesses? What you first need to understand is what enterprise is. 

ChatGPT Enterprise, powered by GPT-4 is an advanced language model designed to streamline customer support and sales processes. With its security and scalability, it offers a reliable solution for businesses looking to improve their customer interactions.

This has capabilities such as enterprise-grade privacy and data analysis, improved performance, and customization options. One important thing to keep in mind is that only customers who subscribe to ChatGPT Enterprise get prioritized and unlimited access to GPT-4. This is a drawback as it may be pricey for some users which then denies them its benefits. 

Features of ChatGPT enterprise

Let’s take a look at ChatGPT enterprise’s latest features. 

Security and privacy features

OpenAI's latest release prioritizes security and privacy in generative AI. With the new enterprise model, data encryption is provided using AES 256 and TLS 1.2+ for both data at rest and in transit. 

OpenAI has committed not to use customer prompts, queries, or any other customer data to train future versions of the model. This means organizations can confidently utilize their data without the risk of exposing sensitive information. 

This focus on security and privacy allows ChatGPT to cater to new users and industries that require compliance features to safeguard their proprietary data.

Advanced data analytics aka coder interpreter

ChatGPT Enterprise has advanced data analytics features that can be used without any limits. These features are helpful for analyzing technical data and can be used by non-experts in different fields like product design, financial analysis, and decision-making based on analytics.

Speed and scalability

To meet the demands of enterprise-level operations effectively, this latest version of ChatGPT has been optimized for speed and scalability. Users of ChatGPT Enterprise gain access to unlimited GPT-4 usage along with longer context windows. 

Customization features

Furthermore, ChatGPT Enterprise offers high levels of customization, making it one of OpenAI's most versatile products to date. Users can take advantage of prebuilt chat templates to simplify and standardize workflows across their teams. 

While all these features sound amazing, they are only accessible for premium and enterprise users. If you use the basic version, none of these features work for you and you still risk losing your data.

ChatGPT enterprise

Typetone AI: A better solution for you enterprise

So, how is Typetone AI Enterprise a better choice? If you value your privacy and data and you also want an affordable AI tool to seamlessly integrate with your business, then Typetone AI is perfect for you. 

Yes, chatGPT may also have improved security features but these security features are only available if you pay a monthly subscription for it. Again, if an average user wants data protection then ChatGPT is not safe for them.

Why is Typetone AI Enterprise superior? 

Typetone AI Enterprise is superior to ChatGPT enterprise. Typetone AI has GDPR approved privacy features. You can future proof your business data without the worry of getting it stolen or misused. Whether or not you subscribe to the pro version or to Typetone AI enterprise, you still get a fully compliant GDPR approved chatbot.

Typetone AI also understands the importance of cost-efficiency in running a business. Hence, it  provides an affordable and safe enterprise solution for your business. This way you get the best features for your business without compromising on quality.

Features of Typetone enterprise

Here is why Typetone AI is a class apart from ChatGPT.

Data protection and security

We get that data protection is a priority for a lot of users. Keeping that in mind, Typetone AI ensures 100% data safety, and we never share your information with anyone else. Typetone AI also  follows GDPR regulations and is a proud member of the Dutch Coalition for the Ethical Use of AI.

Bulk actions

With Typetone's bulk actions and ready-to-publish AI content, you can create up to 100 texts per day. That way you can get more done in less time. With just a few simple inputs, Typetone AI can create engaging and high-quality content that is ready for publication. No more writer's block or staring at a blank page. 

Typetone AI bulk actions

Tone of voice

Typetone AI generates content in your brand voice, ensuring high-quality output every time. Companies have also reported up to a 30% increase in conversions with their new on-brand AI content using the Typetone AI tone of voice generator.

Typetone AI is trained to match your brand voice, eliminating the need for individual copywriters. This also helps you deliver great content consistently in your tone of voice leading to increased brand loyalty and conversions.


This is a unique feature on Typetone AI and it also makes work much more efficient for businesses. Gather all your PDFs or DOCX files containing company information (or any desired information) into an infobase. 

Once you have the infobase set up, simply choose a template and select the relevant infobase. When filling out the template input fields, the system will search through your infobase documents and provide the most relevant information as context in a prompt. 

By utilizing this feature, the generated text will rely on factual data from the context rather than generating random content. This ensures accuracy and saves valuable time in content creation.

Typetone AI infobase

What do ChatGPT plugins do for your business?

To fully utilize ChatGPT plugins the right way, you first need to understand what they are. ChatGPT plugins are additional features that can enhance the capabilities of the AI chatbot.  They are useful if you're looking to enhance your ChatGPT experience and make it even more efficient.

These plugins can be integrated into ChatGPT to give the user a more efficient and enhanced experience. For example, there is a plugin called CoderPad which is perfect if you are a coder. It adds more than 30 programming languages to ChatGPT's code execution feature. 

This means you don't have to worry about setting up environments or dealing with package limitations. With the CoderPad plugin installed, you can easily run and test code snippets directly in ChatGPT.

Who can use these plugins?

These plugins help speed up your work and get results faster. They are only available from the plugins store which can only be integrated if you have the ChatGPT plus subscription. 

So unless you are a member of the plus subscription, you cannot use these plugins. 

Some popular plugins that you can use

Here are some popular plugins.


Are you a coder? Then this is the best plugin for you. ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter feature allows code execution, but it is limited only to the Python programming language. But the CoderPad plugin enhances ChatGPT's capabilities by enabling code execution in more than 30 programming languages. 

CoderPad plugin

This eliminates the need for manual environment setup and concerns about package limitations. By installing the CoderPad plugin, users can conveniently run and test any code snippet directly within ChatGPT. 


Ghostwriter is an Office Add-in, lets you use ChatGPT directly in Microsoft Word. Simply connect it to OpenAI's API key, and it will interact with ChatGPT to transfer the generated output into your Word document. Keep in mind that Ghostwriter isn't free - you'll need to buy the paid plan from Microsoft Office to access its services.

This plugin can also be integrated with Typetone AI. 


Zapier, a popular plugin, simplifies and streamlines workflows by eliminating unnecessary steps. It is highly beneficial for professionals and marketers. Essentially, Zapier enables users to seamlessly interact with over 5,000 different work apps without requiring additional actions. 

Zapier logo

This includes widely used apps like Gmail, MS Outlook, Slack, and others. By establishing a one-time connection and granting permission for specific actions, users can compose complete emails or send detailed Slack messages directly within ChatGPT.


The Wolfram ChatGPT plugin is an exceptional option due to its advanced abilities, although it may be too technical for certain users. With its access to advanced data, Wolfram equips ChatGPT users with the ability to handle a wide range of queries by offering advanced computation, mathematics, and real-time data capabilities.

Besides just solving basic math, Wolfram can assist with more complex tasks such as constructing genealogical trees, generating audio spectrograms, visualizing anatomy, and much more. Moreover, it provides real-time information on the current date and time—a feature that is absent in ChatGPT itself. 

Drawbacks of ChatGPT plugins

Using plugins in ChatGPT can enhance its functionality, but they do come with their limitations.

Slow performance

In situations where real-time information is crucial, relying on search engines may still be faster than using plugins.

Potential for hallucinations 

Although plugins can reduce the occurrence of hallucinations, it's important to remember that ChatGPT itself can still produce them.

Increased exposure of personal data

To make use of LLMs with personal data, you need to provide that data to the plugin. Before integrating any plugin with your personal data, documents, or email accounts, carefully review the associated data privacy policies.

Only for subscribers

Although these plugins are an efficient way to work, it is a huge disadvantage to users that are not subscribed to ChatGPT plus. Not only are you deprived of the plugin features but also deprived of the security and privacy risks associated with losing your data and misuse of your data.

A better alternative: Typetone AI

Why is Typetone AI a better alternative? Companies are stepping up their game by allocating more resources to maintain third-party APIs, ensuring reliability like never before. 

And guess what? Typetone AI now supports over 200 integrations in all ATS, CMS, CRM tooling, and also collaboration tools like slack, teams, gmail, outlook etc.

Customers can seamlessly create content, and let Typetone AI automatically publish it to those systems, that is, gmail or slack. In the Typetone platform, customers can simply add the tools that they now use in their content workflow, and then Typetone integrates with the tools in our very own platform. 

Typetone AI homepage

Some of the tools you can integrate with Typetone AI


You can quickly integrate Typetone AI with Hubspot and manage objects and associations in the Hubspot CRM platform.

Google ads connector

You can also integrate Typetone AI with your Google Ads and manage your ad campaigns without stressing out too much about it. This will also allow you to add external conversions to your ad campaigns.

Microsoft teams

If you’re communicating with your colleagues and employees using Teams then this integration is going to be quite helpful for your business. You can easily manage your teams, groups, channels and messages inside of your Microsoft Teams account.

These are just a few of the integrations that Typetone AI has to offer. This will help complete tasks faster and more efficiently. These integrations are not just fun but also boost productivity. Typetone AI with its range of ready-made templates and a chatbot with our new integration system are here to forever change the AI game. 

The best part is that you do not have to be a premium member to enjoy the benefits of these plugins or its privacy features. It is all free and all you have to do is sign up to use it. You can use it efficiently to streamline your workflow without worrying about your data getting stolen or misused.

MS Teams homepage

ChatGPT custom instructions for your business

What if your AI tool could understand you better and respond to your queries? With the custom instructions feature, that can be possible. This feature allows businesses to train the model according to their specific needs, resulting in a more efficient and effective chatbot.

How does ChatGPT custom instructions work?

Custom instructions enable users to provide explicit instructions to the model during the fine-tuning process. ChatGPT will take into account custom instructions for every conversation, eliminating the need for users to repeat their preferences or information in each interaction.

For instance, a teacher creating a lesson plan will no longer have to repeatedly mention that they are teaching 3rd grade science. Similarly, a developer who prefers efficient code in a programming language other than Python only needs to state it once for it to be understood.

Note that this feature is only available as a beta version for current ChatGPT plus users. So anyone else who is not a subscriber cannot use this feature.

chatgpt custom instructions

Limitations of ChatGPT custom instructions

Since this is just in the beta phase, there are bound to be inconsistencies in the accuracy of its results. However, these custom instructions are expected to become more accurate as time progresses.

One other limitation in its functionality is the lack of multi-persona custom instructions, which proves inconvenient when switching between different personas since only one saved custom instruction can be used at a time.

Ready-made templates by Typetone save the day

For all those who cannot use the ChatGPT custom instruction feature, do not worry as we have something better for you. Typetone AI’s ready-made templates are exactly what you need. It does everything custom instructions does and even more.

You can use it for free and these templates are already designed to your liking. You do not have to worry about setting any preferences. Simply input what you want and it will automatically generate it for you. 

Typetone AI marketing template to generate Google Ad descriptions

Typetone AI google ads templates

How can content templates help your business?

These templates are useful in a lot of ways for your business.

Boost your marketing

Typetone AI’s templates can be a game-changer for marketing. You can choose from a variety of templates for your marketing services like Google ads, Facebook ads with all the important details about your product or service. It will then generate content for you accordingly. This is a great way to capture new customers.

Helps you save time

These ready-made templates help you save time by eliminating the need for lengthy explanations. Clearly state what you want and it will swiftly provide you with the desired information. 

Customizable to your liking 

Users can easily modify the layout of the templates to fit their specific requirements. They can add or remove sections, rearrange elements, and adjust the overall structure of the content.

Easily adaptable for new uses

Whether you're a developer working on a new feature or a company exploring unique applications, Typetone AI’s ready-made templates offer flexibility for any purpose you have in mind.

You have full control over what you create

You have complete control over what it produces. It's like having a personal assistant that follows your every command. You're in charge.

With these ready-made templates you can unlock new possibilities for experimentation and innovation. It allows you to discover fresh ideas, explore uncharted territories, and unleash the full potential of this powerful tool according to your specific needs.

Be a part of the revolution with Typetone AI

AI-powered chatbots have revolutionized businesses globally. These smart digital assistants bring efficiency, productivity, and data security to a whole new level. They can help you transform your business operations, boost productivity, and unlock new possibilities for innovation. 

Typetone AI webpage

Typetone AI  not only ensures GDPR-approved privacy features but also provides seamless integration with a vast array of essential tools, allowing businesses to streamline their operations effortlessly. 

With ready-made templates that cater to various needs and an intuitive chatbot interface, Typetone AI offers a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to thrive in today's dynamic market. 

So, why wait? Join Typetone AI for free and experience the future of AI-driven content creation and data security.

Trilok Sonar

Trilok Sonar is our content marketeer and specializes in blogs about AI content.

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