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AI Book on WhatsApp: What it is and how it works

Thaisa Appelman
January 10, 2024
4 minutes

Have you ever wished for an interactive reading experience? Maven Publishing, in collaboration with Typetone, is introducing a game-changing innovation in the field of reading; AI books on WhatsApp.

What is an AI book?

An 'AI book' is a new kind of book created by Maven Publishing in collaboration with Typetone. You will be able to read the entire book but with added artificial intelligence to make it interactive. Instead of reading it like a regular book or e-book from start to finish, you will have a conversation with an AI book.

All the AI books are accessible right on WhatsApp. No need to install any special apps or software. All you have to do is purchase your book, and just like that, you can start your conversation. 

AI books available on Whatsapp

Benefits of AI books 

AI books have become increasingly popular thanks to their unique advantages. These digital companions offer a range of benefits that make them a fantastic addition to the world of reading and learning.

1 - Trustworthy, copyright-protected AI
AI books are built on reliable and copyrighted sources, ensuring the information you get is accurate and dependable.

2 - Making knowledge interactive
AI books take the old knowledge from regular books and make it fun and interactive.

3 - Access knowledge anytime, anywhere
With AI books, you can access knowledge and expertise whenever and wherever you need it using the book's content, knowledge, and advice as a foundation.

4 - Personalized answers and solutions
AI books give you answers and solutions that fit your own unique situation, making them really useful tools that can help you in your daily life. 

5 - Safe and private WhatsApp chats
Your chats with AI books on WhatsApp are kept private and secure, so you can talk freely.

6 - Multilingual support
Many AI books are multilingual, allowing you to access content in your preferred language, making them more inclusive.

7 - Budget-friendly 
AI books are often more cost-effective than physical copies, making knowledge accessible to more people.

As technology continues to advance, these digital companions are changing the way we read and learn, making knowledge more accessible and engaging for everyone.

How to purchase AI books

When it comes to acquiring AI books, the process has never been more straightforward. The go-to destinations for accessing these books is the AI-Books Store. This online platform serves as a hub for all your AI book needs. Here, you can explore a vast collection of AI-enhanced books spanning various genres and subjects. 

With a user-friendly interface, the website ensures a hassle-free shopping experience. Simply browse through the catalogue, select the AI books that pique your interest, and proceed with the purchase. The checkout process is secure, and you'll have your chosen AI books at your fingertips in no time. 

AI book store

AI books currently offered

Our current selection of AI books is designed to provide you with valuable insights and guidance, tailored to your specific needs and interests. Here's a glimpse of what each book offers:

1 - Help, ik heb een puber-AI 

This is a unique guidebook designed to assist parents in navigating the challenging world of parenting teenagers. It combines practical advice with a heartfelt tribute to adolescents.  

Help, ik heb een puber-AI by Anne de Jong provides valuable insights and strategies for parents seeking to understand and connect with their teenage children while offering essential guidance for maintaining a harmonious family dynamic during the often turbulent adolescent years.

AI book Help, ik heb een puber

2 - Mindgym-AI

This book is dedicated to improving mental well-being through the practice of mindfulness. Readers will find a comprehensive guide to mindfulness exercises and techniques aimed at reducing stress, enhancing focus, and promoting overall mental clarity. 

Mindgym-AI by Wouter de Jong equips you with the tools and practices needed to embark on a transformative journey toward improved mental health and well-being.

AI book Mindgym

3 - Sorry, schatje-AI

This book offers practical solutions to common challenges that couples face and into maintaining a healthy work-life balance, fostering effective communication, and finding resolutions to conflicts that may arise within a relationship. 

With a focus on nurturing harmonious connections, Sorry, schatje-AI by Kluun provides readers with valuable insights and strategies to enhance their relationships and strengthen the bonds they share with their partners.

AI book Sorry, schatje


FLOW-AI by Mark Tuitert is a book that guides readers on a journey of personal and professional growth. It offers a wealth of strategies for setting and achieving meaningful goals, enhancing resilience, and effectively navigating life's challenges. Whether you're aspiring to excel in your career or seeking personal development, this book equips you with the tools and mindset needed to thrive. 


These AI books offer unique value to readers by providing personalized advice and guidance, making them the perfect companions for your personal growth journey.

Questions you can ask your AI book

When it comes to interacting with your AI books, you have the freedom to explore various topics and seek personalized guidance. Here are some example questions that you can ask based on which AI book you've purchased:

1 - Help, ik heb een puber-AI

Q1: What are some effective ways to encourage open communication with my teenager?

Q2: Can you provide insights on helping teenagers manage stress and academic pressures?

2 - Mindgym-AI

Q1: How can I improve my focus and concentration during work or study?

Q2: Are there mindfulness exercises to reduce stress and enhance my mental well-being?

3 - Sorry, schatje-AI

Q1: How can I maintain a healthy work-life balance while being in a relationship?

Q2: What are effective ways to resolve conflicts with my partner over household responsibilities?


Q1: What techniques can help me set and achieve my personal and professional goals?

Q2: How can I enhance my resilience in the face of setbacks and challenges?

Remember, these are just example questions to spark your curiosity and initiate insightful conversations with your AI book. Depending on your interests and needs, you can ask any questions you like to receive tailored insights and solutions for. 

Privacy concerns addressed

We want you to know that your conversations with our AI books are super safe and totally private. We follow all the important GDPR rules to protect your privacy. We use Microsoft Azure, a trusted technology, to make sure everything stays private while we use those smart GPT models. 

Discover valuable insights from renowned authors like Mark Tuitert and Kluun. Discover their AI books today and start your personal growth journey. Explore our AI book collection now!

Thaisa Appelman

Thaisa is Typetone's content marketeer who focuses on AI digital coworkers and GPTs.

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