AI books on WhatsApp: It's not what you think it is - An introduction to the new era of reading

Sjoerd de Kreij
January 9, 2023
4 minutes
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Experience the future of reading with the world's first AI book on WhatsApp. Explore the impact on traditional reading habits and conceptual understanding.

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Have you ever wished for an interactive reading experience? Maven Publishing, in collaboration with Typetone, is introducing a revolutionary innovation in the realm of reading. "FLOW" by Mark Tuitert is now not only available as a printed book, e-book, and audiobook, but also as the world's first AI book on WhatsApp.

Understanding the concept of an AI book

The term 'AI book' refers to a novel form of books developed by Maven Publishing and Typetone. It comprises the complete text written by the author, enhanced with artificial intelligence to make it interactive. Unlike traditional printed books or e-books that you read from beginning to end, you engage in conversation with an AI book.

AI Books by Typetone AI are available on WhatsApp
Interact with AI books on WhatsApp

Engaging with an AI book: A unique reading experience

An intriguing aspect of this technology is that these AI books live on WhatsApp. No installation required - add an AI book as a contact, pay via a link, and voila: your conversation can begin.

The future library: Upcoming releases

This fall will see several releases including "Mindgym: Sportschool voor je geest" by Wouter de Jong, "Sorry, schatje" by Anne de Jong and "Help, ik heb een puber" by Kluun.

World's first AI book: FLOW-AI

FLOW-AI: Your Stoic Coach on WhatsApp by Mark Tuitert offers many features. You can use it as a reminder or ask for tips that are tailored to your needs. The book might also question you sometimes to better understand your requirements. Doesn't it feel like having the author on speed dial?

Privacy concerns addressed

All interactions with our AI books are encrypted and 100% private in accordance with all GDPR regulations. Microsoft Azure powers this feature ensuring privacy while utilizing GPT models.

The future scope for publishers

At present these groundbreaking books are exclusively available at Maven Publishing but soon all publishers will have access to this technology.

The impact on traditional reading habits

We believe readers will prefer using AI books alongside other formats for a more holistic reading experience.

Multilingual capabilities

A distinctive characteristic of our revolutionary product is its ability to communicate in nearly all languages once created – adding another dimension to its global appeal!

"Since I wrote my books, I have received many questions from people about their personal situations... That's why there is now an AI version of my book..." - Mark Tuitert
Mark Tuitert AI book
Source: https://www.mavenpublishing.nl/agenda/drive-webinar-met-mark-tuitert

Want to know more about AI books on WhatsApp?

Contact info@mavenpublishing.nl for more information! Or get in touch with Typetone AI if you also want to publish your book as an AI book on WhatsApp.

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