Let AI work for you.

Grow your business: Hire an AI Employee. Sarah is an AI Digital Worker, specialised in content marketing. From planning and creation to publication, for the cost of an intern.

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Start writing in 1 minute
GDPR compliant
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Join Typetone for better AI copy and content

Start creating AI content in your brand's writing style. Our templates make it easy, your data will be safe and all your questions answered by our chat.


Write in your own tone of voice

Add your tone of voice to generate on-brand AI content instantly. 

You can automatically have your tone of voice analyzed and added to our system. Or add it yourself. 

If you're managing more brands... Simply add several brand voices.

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AI writing has never been easier

Every day we work on our prompt skills to help you create #1 content with easy content templates.

Choose what you want to create and get the best possible AI content. In 15 languages.

Whatever your purpose, we've got a template for you.

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Ethical and safe use of AI

When you use AI, you want to make sure your data is safe and the tool you're working with is GDPR compliant.

You don't just want to keep YOUR data safe, but also that of the people you work for.

That's why Typetone AI is part of the Dutch AI coalition, advocating for the responsible and safe use of AI.

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It works just like ChatGPT, yet it's always safe

Ask all your questions to our GPT4-powered chat. Our safety measures make sure your data will not be shared with anyone.

With our Chat, you can really unleash the power of AI.

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Increase and improve content, while lowering costs

Over 15.000 businesses already joined Typetone Enterprise to supercharge their content strategy, while keeping their data safe.

With our AI co-worker Sarah, unlimited words, custom tones of voice, their own info base and bulk actions, marketing teams rapidly improve and scale their output. 

Plan a demo to find out about our unique APIs and collaboration options.

Benefits of generative AI chart

Hire digital workers to do the job for you


Scale your business with top-quality content

Imagine hiring a content marketeer, who’s worked at over a thousand companies, for less than the cost of an intern. That's what it's like to hire our AI content marketeer.

Sarah consistently delivers great copy and creative content in your brand's style. She's never sick and works 24/7.

You can hire and onboard her as part of your team in 20 minutes. She'll tackle all your content needs for you. From planning to creation and even publication.


Boost your numbers with an AI paid ads specialist

What if you didn't have to hire an expensive freelancer or agency to create your paid ads and do the bidding for you?

Hire our Paid Ads Marketeer Alex who always knows what he's doing and constantly checks your data and performance. He's never sick. And knows about all the best practices.

You can onboard him in a matter of minutes. Want to know more? Get in touch. Tom will be online soon.


Skyrocket your email reach with Margot

Boost email engagement, build trust, and drive sales with a robust email marketing strategy.

Margot will be your data-driven AI Email Marketing Specialist with the main goal to create viral newsletters that put you on the map. Available 24/7, quickly adapting to new trends and extremely resourceful.

Get Margot up to speed about your business in no time. Looking to hire her? Get in touch. She will be live soon.

Take care of 100% of all
your content marketing needs
Create multiple strategies in minutes
rather than weeks
Onboard your new team members in only 20 minutes
Available 24/7, always motivated, and up to date

Anyone can benefit from AI content

Effortlessly incorporate AI content generation in your workflow. In a matter of minutes, you'll AI write blogs, SEO articles, social posts, e-mails, do (keyword) research and more. 

Whether you're a blogger, marketer, teacher or business owner, our AI-powered tool and digital workers are here to amplify your voice and streamline your content creation process.


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faster content creation


score from our customers


This is how Typetone AI can help you and your business

Scale your output to achieve your business goals.


AI writing becomes as easy as 1-2-3

Choose your template

Choose from 15 languages 
and 50+ templates.

Fill in the fields

Add your information and tone of voice.

Discover your AI-content

Edit the text and save your progress.


Bring your content to the next level

With the easy-to-use app and API, you'll quickly start writing content in your personal tone of voice.

Increase conversions: Easily write high-converting texts and titles to increase conversions and engagement.

Maintain your brand identity: Consistently write in your brand's tone of voice.

Repurpose your content: Turn a blog into an Instagram post, a newsletter or a videoscript. Whatever you're looking for, you can create it.


All-in-one content creation platform

Stay ahead of the curve with your AI-powered content creation strategy for teams and organizations. Integrate AI content into your workflow now.

Create, save and share texts without breaking a sweat


Pay the lowest price for high-quality and compelling AI content

Automate bulk writing and generate up to 100 texts in one go


Save up to 95% on content creation costs with Typetone AI

Enable content collaboration between your team members

Typetone of voice drop down

Write AI copy in your custom tone of voice


Great content - 
completely free!

No credit card, no strings attached.

Save time

Generate articles, blogs, landing pages, Google ads, Facebook ads, emails, product descriptions, tweets, Instagram captions and other high-quality text in seconds.

Save money

Easily write more and better 
AI content with Typetone AI at the lowest cost. Cheaper than ChatGPT.


What others think about Typetone

"I can't believe how accurately Typetone captures my writing style. It saves me so much time and effort, allowing me to focus on growing my business."
woman avatar

Lara Morgan

Business and Career Coach

"I was skeptical at first, but Typetone.ai has completely transformed my content creation process. It feels like having a personal writing assistant by my side!"
Woman avatar

Lisa Mann

Co-Founder of Contentcation

I was skeptical at first, but Typetone.ai has completely transformed my content creation process. It feels like having a personal writing assistant by my side!
person photo

Luca Caira

Co-Founder of Contentcation

"I can't believe how accurately Typetone captures my writing style. It saves me so much time and effort, allowing me to focus on growing my business."
person photo

Lara Morgan

Business and Career Coach

Frequently asked questions

How much does a subscription cost?

You get 10.000 words per month for free. So technically, it costs you nothing.But most of our users get hooked and choose our Pro Subscription.

For only €29,- per month (annual subscription) you get unlimited words, a chrome extension, bulk actions, access to Typetone Chat, chat support and more. We also offer tailor-made enterprise solutions for teams and companies.

Our Digital Workers can be hired for only €199,- per month. Check out our pricing now and start your AI content journey.

What is the difference between Typetone AI and ChatGPT?

Our customers choose Typetone AI because we already tested and implemented the best prompts in our tool, so you always get the best output.

We also offer you the option to share your brand identity and tone of voice, so that you can generate AI content in your personal writing style. And you can create copy in bulk, for example 100 SEO product texts in one go.

Last but not least, Typetone AI is cheaper and more user-friendly than most AI content tools available and, for example, a lot nicer to work with than ChatGPT.

In which languages can I generate AI content?

You can create AI content in 15 different languages. So probably, also you can use Typetone.AI (formerly Schrijven AI) for your AI content.

Contact us if you'd like us to add any more languages!

How does Typetone AI work?
  1. Create an account.
  2. Log in to the app and choose a template, such as "Article Writing".
  3. Fill in the required fields and click "Generate." The more context, the better the output.
  4. Now wait 3-10 seconds and there's your fresh plagiarism-free content!You now have multiple articles to choose from.

Any more questions about how the app works? Ask your question to our live chat or send an email and we will help you further.

If you want unlimited words, the Chrome extension, Tone of Voice special functions, Typetone Chat and more, you can easily upgrade to our Pro subscription.

Or schedule a demo if you want to hire a digital worker like Content Marketeer Sarah.

Still have questions?

We're happy to give you your answers. Get in touch!

Looking for an AI writing example? This product copy was written by our AI text generator.

The first article was created in our default tone of voice. For the second one we used our Digital Worker to rewrite it in a Friendly and fun tone of voice.

1 - Why use Typetone AI for artificial intelligence content creation?

In today's competitive business world, creating high-quality content is essential. But what if you could boost efficiency and deliver better results at the same time? That's where Typetone AI comes in—your best solution for AI content creation.

A new era of (AI) content creation with Typetone AI

Typetone AI leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline your content production process, making it faster, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Ten key benefits of using Typetone AI

  1. Efficiency: Automate time-consuming tasks like research and writing, allowing you to focus on more strategic activities.
  2. Consistency: Maintain a uniform tone of voice across all your online platforms.
  3. Economical: Reduce the need for a large team of writers while ensuring top-notch quality text output.
  4. Data-driven: Leverage extensive data analysis to personalize your content and make it more engaging.
  5. Faster turnaround time: Produce high-quality articles in minutes rather than hours or days.
  6. Error-free writing: Minimize human errors with automated proofreading and spell check features.
  7. Synergy with SEO best practices: The tool integrates seamlessly with SEO strategies to improve rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs).
  8. Versatility: Create a wide range of AI content types including blogs, social media posts, web copy, etc., using one platform.
  9. Ease-of-use: Harnessing the power of this tool does not require any technical skills; its intuitive interface ensures ease of use even for beginning copywriters or other roles.
  10. Scalability: Easily manage increasing workloads as your business expands.
Ten roles that can benefit from using Typetone's AI text writer
  1. Content writers: Enhance productivity and maintain consistency in their work.
  2. SEO specialists: Create search engine-optimized content effortlessly.
  3. Marketing teams and agencies: Quickly generate engaging campaign materials that resonate with target audiences.
  4. Social media managers: Generate frequent, high-quality posts without experiencing burnout.
  5. Bloggers: Produce more blog posts at a faster pace, improving their online presence.
  6. Freelance writers: Handle multiple projects simultaneously without compromising quality.
  7. Small business owners: Create professional-looking web copy and list your USPs without the need to hire an expensive agency.
  8. Digital agencies: Utilize scalable solutions that cater to various clients simultaneously.
  9. Email marketers: Craft compelling newsletters that drive engagement and conversions.
  10. Ecommerce businesses: Create product descriptions that effectively sell.
Show your competitors who's boss with Typetone AI content creation!

If you're ready to propel your enterprise into the future, there's no better time than now. Start harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in your content creation strategy. Get started with Typetone AI today! Growth is just around the corner!

Repurposing content becomes super easy with our paraphrase AI writing tool. We simply copy pasted the first article as input and asked for a "friendly and fun" AI written output.

Or simply have your content repurposed for you with your very own AI content marketeer. Without lifting a finger.

2 - Say goodbye to content creation hassles

Are you tired of spending countless hours creating content for your business? Well, say hello to Typetone AI, the ultimate AI text generator for all your content creation needs.

With Typetone AI, you can future-proof your content production process and achieve better results in no time.

Tap into a better content production process with Typetone AI

So, what makes Typetone AI so special? Let me break it down for you. Firstly, it's incredibly efficient. Our AI content tool or co-worker Sarah easily automates time-consuming tasks like planning, research and writing for you! This means you can focus on more important strategic business activities.

Leverage Typetone AI to create consistent content

Consistency is key in the online world, and Typetone AI ensures that your tone of voice remains uniform across all platforms. No more inconsistencies that confuse your audience. It only take a few minutes of onboarding, sharing your tone of voice and your unique knowledge to train our AI tool or your new team member Sarah.

Save time and money with Typetone AI: the cost-effective solution for content creation

The best part? It's cost-effective. You don't need a massive team of copywriters anymore. Typetone AI delivers top-notch quality output without breaking the bank.

With its data-driven approach, Typetone AI personalizes your AI content to make it engaging and captivating. Plus, it works hand in hand with SEO strategies to improve your rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). Talk about hitting two birds with one stone :)

From beginner to pro: how Typetone AI makes content creation and AI writing effortless

Whether it's blogs, social media posts, or web copy – Typetone AI does it all. And don't worry if you're not tech-savvy; this tool is super user-friendly and doesn't require any technical skills. Even beginners can harness its power effortlessly.

And guess what? It's scalable too! As your business grows, Typetone AI can handle increasing workloads without breaking a sweat. Just like you expect from a robot.

Who will love writing with Typetone AI?

Now let's talk about who can benefit from using Typetone AI. Content writers will love how it enhances their productivity and maintains consistency. SEO specialists can effortlessly create search engine-optimized content that drives traffic. Marketing teams can quickly generate engaging campaign materials that resonate with their target audience. For example, Wehkamp already creates unique AI content and marketing campaigns with Typetone in the fashion and beauty industry.

Social media managers will no longer experience burnout because Typetone's AI text generator helps them churn out frequent, high-quality posts. Bloggers can produce more content at a faster pace, boosting their online presence. Freelance writers can handle multiple projects without compromising on quality, whether they're writing for an ecommerce, finance, marketing agency or even governments.

Small business owners can create professional-looking web copy without the need for an expensive agency. Digital agencies can cater to various clients simultaneously with Typetone AI's scalable solutions. Email marketers can craft compelling newsletters that drive engagement and conversions. And ecommerce businesses can create persuasive product descriptions that effectively sell.

Even governments can benefit from Typetone AI with its special content templates that help government copywriters increase clarity and accessibility of government texts.

Blog like a pro: produce more quality content faster with Typetone AI

So, if you're ready to leave your competitors in the dust, it's time to embrace the power of Typetone AI writing in your content creation strategy. Don't wait any longer – start your journey towards growth and success today.

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