Sustainable and secure AI use for media and government

As a participant of the Dutch AI Coalition, we advocate for responsible AI use.

Typetone.AI stands for the safe application of AI and accessibility of its models and content at scale.
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Ethics and AI

As concerns arise around AI in education, we at Typetone.AI believe we have an obligation to educate our clients on responsible AI use.

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Sustainable and ethical AI

We develop and research sustainable and ethical generative AI. Generative AI is here to stay, and we need ways within education, government and media to deal with this rapidly changing paradigm. We are building a solution for governments and media to use textual generative AI to better help underserved and less educated communities use AI to simplify text.

This is how we make content more accessible to specific groups and minorities. Especially when it comes to content generated for government communication and making traditional media more accessible and sustainable.

AI for Government & Media

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AI to improve accessibility of information

As most advances in AI are commercial in nature, no one is currently using this new technology to make content more accessible. We have the expertise and experience to train the AI models needed to make this available. We also already have working products and tons of positive customer feedback.

Simplify texts and scalable content creation in the EU
Millions of people in the EU currently do not understand the texts they read in correspondence with the government, or even the news they read. Rewriting all these texts is extremely time-consuming and difficult to do in a scalable and consistent way.

We developed a solution to solve this with AI. This is a tool to transform this content and an API with the custom models to simplify texts, usable by businesses, governments and media.

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