Jasper versus Typetone AI

Comparing AI content generators

Typetone AI and Jasper AI are two of the most popular AI content tools.
But, which is a better fit for your brand? 

Explore the main differences between Typetone AI and Jasper AI and find out which tool is the ideal choice for your businesses.

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What are the differences between Jasper and Typetone?

Pricing: Typetone AI vs Jasper AI

How much does Typetone AI cost?
Typetone AI charges 29 euros a month for the premium version, and also offers an always-free version with 10,000 words a month. The pricing for Enterprise AI is available when you contact Typetone.

Unlike with Jasper.AI, you do not need to enter any credit card details to start using Typetone AI.

The free version even gives you the option to add one customized tone of voice and you can generate AI content in 15 different languages.
How much does Jasper AI cost?
Jasper AI is on the pricey side compared to other AI tools like Typetone. Although Jasper offers a free trial for users to get a feel for the product, keep in mind that these features have limitations. This trial only allows you to test out the basic functionality.

Also, you cannot use the free trial without adding your credit card details.
The free trial lets you generate two outputs for each content request.

Jasper has three pricing plans tailored to different customer types. The basic plan costs 49 USD, the Teams plan 125 USD and it also offers a plan for Enterprise for which you need to contact sales.

Limitations: Jasper AI and Typetone

What are the limitations of Jasper AI versus Typetone?
In comparison to Typetone, we found that Jasper AI has the following limitations:

Lack of personality

While Jasper AI can mimic tone, it lacks the personal touch and unique voice that a human writer brings. Or that Typetone AI is able to copy.

Bias and ethical considerations
Jasper AI can unintentionally replicate biases found in the training data or algorithms it relies on. These biases can take many shapes, such as racial, cultural, or gender biases.

To address these ethical concerns and ensure fairness, it is essential to constantly monitor the system, carefully select the training data, and make algorithmic enhancements.

Not ideal for niche topics 
Jasper AI performs best with straightforward requests rather than specialized or niche subjects.

On the contrary, because Typetone AI can draw information from your info base (available with Enterprise), this AI content generator can also create great specialized content.

Typetone AI integrations

What type of integrations does Typetone AI offer?
Typetone AI supports over 200 integrations in all ATS, CMS, CRM tooling, and also collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, gmail, Outlook, and more. This means that Typetone offers more integrations than any other AI tool, including Jasper.

If an integration isn't yet available, Typetone's paying customers can add the tools they use in their own content workflow and ask Typetone to integrate with them.

Text output by Jasper AI

We asked both AI content tools to write a blog post about AI in gaming for marketers.

Jasper's output at first glance looks okay, but the formatting is lagging behind. You always have to re-edit the content.

The article that Jasper AI generated, focuses on core aspects of AI in gaming relevant to marketers, providing basic knowledge about the topic without going in-depth and answering practical questions one might have.

Text output by Typetone AI

Typetone AI instantly generates content in the proper formatting and even in html. This means you can simply copy paste their output in your content tool.

Typetone also generated more in-depth and informative content, providing value to the target audience.

As you can see in the image, Typetone AI offers a more comprehensive exploration of AI in gaming, covering a wider range of topics.

How Typetone AI works

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